Ray had a dream in June of 2010. In this dream, these words came through: “Tout Your Whoah.

Tout Your Whoah” … what does it mean? This is a perfect example of knowing that this is a message of guidance coming “through you” from somewhere else, not “from you.” That’s because there’s no way would Ray use these words to express his ideas or thoughts.

When either one of us have a dream we would like to get more insight into, we get on The Story of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board set, by Channeled Readings, LLCtalking board and ask our Spirit Guide Angels. We do this by reciting the entire dream out loud. When we are done we ask our guides to tell us what it means and how to apply it to our lives right now. They are always spot on!

Here’s what Ray’s spirit guide angels told us about his dream, “tout your whoah.” 

They told us that this phrase “Tout Your Whoah” means that we, (“we” meaning them and us) will be bringing through guidance from them through this talking board that will make people say “Whoah!” The information will be shocking at times because life as we have known it is gone forever and what’s coming will make people say “Whoah.”

Our Spirit Guide Angels are a remarkable source when it comes to breaking through the dream code. They reach each and every one of us through our dreams every night. Ray has the ability to recall his dream all of the time. He is a constant source of this free guidance every morning as he freely delivers these dream messages from the beyond.

If you are serious about becoming attuned to those subtle messages that are always being broadcasted to you from your best friends, your spirit guide angels, they suggest you start with understanding your dreams.

This is the easiest way for your guides to communicate to you. That’s because you are out of the way. As you continue to take the time to understand your dreams you will become more aligned with your guides and your communication bridge to them will grow.

A dream not understood is like receiving a letter you never open ~ Linda Deir