Preparing questions to ask your “SPIRIT GUIDES and ANGELS.” Ask one well thought-out question at a time. “Why” questions are the best questions because the is no expectation associated with the reply from the Guides. Not limited to just these questions below, you can Ask Your Guides anything you need answers to…

  • Dreams
  • Relationships
  • Life Changes
  • Finances
  • Health and Wellness
  • Depression and Anxiety Issues
  • Employment
  • Your Business
  • Same topics we channeled that became our CR Greatest Hits©
  • About your Real Estate
  • Communicate with your Animals
  • Past Lives
  • Life Purpose
  • Communicate with those who have crossed over
  • Communicate with your Unborn Baby
  • Improve your Intuition
  • The best ways to communicate with your “Spirit Guides and Angels
  • World and Planetary Events
  • Prepare For What’s Coming

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  • Preparing Your Questions – questions that are well thought out and written down prior to your session will result in a channeling that meets or exceeds your expectations.


  • Prepare Yourself – watch this Guided Meditation VIDEO – prior to your channeling session to calm your energy. This will open you to your “Spirit Guides and Angels” and/or “those” who you want to communicate with from the other side, including “those” who have crossed over.