Channeling lessons … weekly every Wednesday. The Teachers of our  “Ask The Universal Channel” Facebook Group, invite you to join in. Make the “connection” to your Spirit Guides and Angels the correct way … taught and guided by Linda Deir. Ask to JOIN THE GROUP

Ask The Universal Channel® talking boards Talking Board Set (sold separately) is used exclusively to teach you to channel your Spirit Guides, Angels, and others. 

Linda Deir is the world’s foremost authority and teacher on the correct use of the talking board when communicating with your Spirit Guides and Angels

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This 4-Week GUIDED e-Mail Course will teach you to:

1. Detect when your Spirit Guides and Angels are sending you messages. and/or
2. Channel your Spirit Guides and Angels to speak with them directly on command

4-Week GUIDED e-Mail Course  11-22-22 - 4-Week Guided Email Course – Learn to Channel your Spirit Guide Angels

These lessons will help you build an interactive 2-way communication bridge to your Spirit Guides and Angels … based on the principles of dowsing. 



Here’s the OUTLINE of what you get:

Learning with the speller (planchette), your pendulum, computer mouse, touchpad, touchscreen or trackball, with or without a partner.

These lessons are non-denominational

Lesson #1 Talking Board Facts

Lesson #2  Communicating with your Spirit Guides and Angels

Lesson #3  Channeling with the Talking Board

Lesson #4  Preparing for your First Channeling Session

Lesson #5  It’s All About Relationships

Lesson #6  Ask Your Guides Questions

Lesson #7  The 2-way Interactive Communication Bridge

Lesson #8  A Deeper Understanding

Lesson #9  Wrap Up

ORDER NOW $19.95


The 4-Week GUIDED e-Mail course is 9-Lessons delivered to your email box over a 4-week period of time. You will progressively increase your expertise in learning to detect when your Spirit Guides and Angels are sending you messages, and/or learn to communicate with your Spirit Guides and Angels on command. KEEP ALL OF THESE GUIDED EMAIL LESSONS TO REFER BACK TO until you have mastered this powerful communication tool so you can connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels. You will be learning to channel your Spirit Guides and Angels from Ray Holley and Linda Deir, the world’s foremost authorities and teachers on the correct use of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board set, by Channeled Readings, LLCtalking board when communicating with your Spirit Guides and Angels.