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Photograph Linda captured of her Spirit Guide Angel on the front cover of her book, GUIDEDLinda Deir has always experienced the paranormal as normal. As a small child, she discovered her Spirit Guides and Angels and developed a life-long relationship with them. She has such a close connection to these benevolent companions that in 1994, one of them materialized right in front of her while she had a 35mm Nikon camera in hand. That photo became the front cover of Linda’s book, GUIDED.

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My Guided Journey

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My Journal Writing

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My Journal Writing, by Linda Deir

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Linda Deir at 7 years old Linda Deir at 7 years old

Dreams are the gift that she claimed early in her life for lack of clear and objective role models.

From birth, Linda’s life has always demanded more of her than those of her siblings or peers. Not content with simple answers, Linda gained a deeper awareness of herself from her dreams. As a child, she kept her dreams to herself, knowing that she was knowing more than anyone would like her to.

Linda knew she was not alone – she was getting help and being guided. Having no one in this world to talk to, writing her dreams and guidance down in her diary was how she came to understand all this. Her rich dream life has served as the raw materials that contributed to the successes throughout her life. Dreams have saved her time-and-time again from pitfalls and disasters. Her dreams of past lifetimes, visions of future events and facts about what was currently going on in her life and in the world have shown her the truth here from their clear perspective.

Developing a heightened sensitivity through her dreams enhanced her intuitive abilities – a direct line of communication to her Spirit Guides and Angels. In her adult life, dreams have been the additional edge that others have called her psychic or intuitive abilities.

The nightlife of dreams consistently offers Linda great solutions to day-to-day challenges, giving her a higher awareness in her life. Predicting short and long-term events, giving her the opportunity to plan with precision. In addition to Linda’s dreams, she also received a constant flow of communication from her Spirit Guides and Angels that gave her critical information about what was really important for her to know at various times throughout her life. Little did she know she was “channeling” her Spirit Guides and Angels.


Linda Deir at 10 years old

Surviving her childhood was what brought Linda Deir's intuitive abilities to the surface so early in her life.

Surviving her childhood was what brought Linda’s intuitive abilities to the surface so early in her life.

From the time she can remember her first tastes and smells she was acutely aware of the serious dysfunction in her family. Linda learned to become discrete about what she thought, felt, knew, or noticed in her environment. Although her childhood was horrendous she pulled through it with exceptional abilities that she developed with the life coaching she received from her Spirit Guides and Angels. From them, she secretly learned to really know and trust herself. She was being guided by them, her Spirit Guides and Angels.

The discipline and understandings that she gained from her association with her Spirit Guides and Angels while growing up in this otherwise hopeless childhood have been invaluable throughout her life. It forced her to reach deeper; enhancing her intuitive abilities to see and know what was really going on in any situation and the staying power to endure, no matter how difficult or even impossible things appeared to be, thanks to her Spirit Guides and Angels. Without them, she would have never made it.

Linda Deir at age 10 scorned by a sibling

Linda Deir at age 10, scorned by a sibling. With no one in her family protecting her, Linda stands her ground knowing she had the love and support of her Spirit Guides and Angels protecting her every step of the way.

Linda was not raised with any religious or spiritual teachings, so she knew her mind was not making up the many paranormal occurrences that she experienced, including the daily communication and learnings she received from the association with her Spirit Guides and Angels. Her best friends were invisible and through this connection, she understood the divine force that is all-loving and unconditional.

She was aware of her knowing things as early as she can remember. She was shown by her Spirit Guides and Angels to view life with detachment. To not take things personally. In return, she gained the life skills to see things for what they really are. This just happens to be the foundation for developing the subtle energy associated with all intuitive and psychic development – the relationship with your Spirit Guides and Angels. Throughout Linda’s childhood, she had developed a very solid connection with her Spirit Guides and Angels. They were the only ones who told her the truth.

Linda never expected guidance when it came through, in fact, it always came through when she least expected it. Throughout her childhood they also taught her many out of the norm things like; going out of body upon command, seeing and hearing from beyond the physical world, doing things with her family that none of them ever remembered, and the list goes on. She discovered early in her life that being alone was much more rewarding as this special time allowed her to experience so many amazing unexpected things from the constant association with her Spirit Guides and Angels.

So-called “friends” in this world were just a distraction to Linda when compared to the magical life she lived with her Spirit Guides and Angels.  Her best-kept secret that she never dared to explain to no one. For Linda, leaving home was the best thing that ever happened. She could hardly believe that she got out alive. Of course, the harm was inside and is a lifetime project to overcome to get to a place of wholeness. Welcome to the crowd. The constant awareness and self-discipline required of Linda throughout her childhood made her acutely aware of people’s thoughts, feelings, and most importantly, their intentions.


Above is one of many homes Linda Deir designed and built from her home building career.

Above is one of many homes Linda Deir designed and built from her home building career.

Linda Deir’s real estate career started at 19 years old

Linda Deir on her home building construction site

Linda Deir on her home building construction site

Linda’s career began in real estate in 1972 in Sacramento, California, where she was born. She had an architectural design practice from 1972 to 2007, and a home-building business that she owned and operated from 1972 to 1988. She designed more than 1,500 homes for her own building projects, other builders, and owner-builders.

At this point Linda was not conscious of how her dreams, intuition, and psychic abilities ( the ongoing life coaching from her Spirit Guides and Angels) were working for her, she just made a lot of good decisions that others called good intuition and timing on her part. She was the general contractor for her projects, building more than 500 custom, production, and multi-family homes.

She designed homes from Sacramento, California to Puget Sound, Washington. Linda became known for her custom-built homes that were ahead of their time, yet timeless. She also designed, drafted, and co-engineered every aspect of her projects. In addition to her broad real estate knowledge, she developed exceptional business skills. This was when the coaching from her Spirit Guides and Angels really paid off by continuing to guide Linda, reaching her through her dreams and intuition. Linda calls it her version of inside information that gave her the advantage in knowing when to, and when not to go forward with the business at hand.

As a result of this constant stream of guidance coming through from them, she has always had a keen sense of timing. She negotiated all of her own land purchases, as well as hiring and supervising all of the sub-contractors to build her homes that meet her high standards. She was the only woman performing all of these phases of construction in the 70s in the Sacramento area at that time. She also managed the framing business where she was an active half-owner.

Linda Deir at 35 years old

Discover your dreams, discover yourself ... Linda Deir coaching

Linda’s “Life destiny dream” in her flagship book, GUIDED, chronicles the power of your dreams. Find out what your dreams have been telling you: Linda Deir Transition Coach

Throughout the 80s, Linda studied dreams from many teachers in dream group settings, along with studying materials of many well-known dream works of the twentieth century. Through this, she refined her self-understanding and the uses of her dreams. To Linda, a dream that is not understood is like receiving a letter that is never opened. One-third of our lives are spent sleeping. In this state, we have access to everything, free of interference by us, or the rigid and conditional world we spend the other two-thirds of our time in.

In reality, there is no separation between dreams and daily life. Dreams make it easier to achieve the kind of clarity that is difficult or even impossible for others. Once we break through the dream code, dreams provide us with our own personal reading every morning letting us know right where we are every day. Scientific studies have revealed that humans only use ten to twenty percent of their brains in a lifetime; in dreams, we tap into this vast undiscovered, and unlimited potential.

Linda has helped many people discover themselves through their dreams. They are always amazed at the obvious truth that their dreams are constantly telling them, thereafter they tend to remember their dreams easily because they see the value in them. Linda is a master at cracking the dream code. Through dreams, Linda exposes people to the true essence of who they are and why they’re here. She helps them release the pressure that has built up so they can discover who they really are and experience new things free of fear. Dreams reveal what we are missing and overlook what’s really going on in our daily life.

By the early 1980’s she found that she could no longer work or be in the world as it had become, only to contribute to its growing dysfunction. Her purpose in being here in this life was becoming apparent. 

Linda had dreams her entire life showing her what’s coming in her life and in the world. One dream, in particular, was the first dream she remembered, recurred throughout her life. It was so intense that she would have the same dream three or more times per night. As a child, this dream was very traumatic. As she has matured she is seeing how that dream, as well as many other warning and preparation dreams, are showing up in the outer world and her place in it.

By age 37, Linda’s life was moving her in a whole new direction.

Then, just three years later in December 1988 was Linda’s first unexpected exposure to channeling.

The Official - Ask The Universal Channel® talking board set, by Channeled Readings, LLC

The only time Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels ever asked her for anything happened in…1988 when they asked her to create a talking board that would not cause fear and caution. Through her dreams, with the help of her Spirit Guides and Angels, came this talking board, Ask The Universal Channel®.

Linda Deir is the author and creator of the Universal Channel originally produced in 1989, now trademarked as Ask the Universal Channel®. Since its creation in 1989, Linda has done thousands of channeled readings and performed events, as well as teaching hundreds of people how to channel their own Spirit Guides and Angels using this talking board device. To read about her first exposure to channeling which led to the birth of the Channeled Readings Project go to The Story.


In 1989 Linda moved to Arizona at 37 years old

Now that the manufacturing of the Universal Channel was complete Linda booked shows to present it throughout California and Arizona. It was a hit right from the start, but by 1991 she put this project on the back burner and returned to real estate for what would be the last time.

Linda started selling real estate in Sedona in 1991

March 6th 1994, Linda was 42 years old when she opened her real estate brokerage

Real estate sales brought her real estate knowledge full circle when she moved to Sedona, Arizona. Linda started selling real estate in Sedona in 1991. She opened her own brokerage there in 1994. Her clients benefited from her vast design, construction, real estate knowledge, and business savvy. Some of these clients discovered Linda’s other side and became her dream students.


Christmas time 1994 two things happened that would take Linda’s life in a whole new direction …

The first was, she and her husband at the time brought the Internet to Northern Arizona. They started the first ISP and hosting company in Sedona and the Verde Valley.

The second was Linda took this photograph when her Spirit Guide Angel made “herself” seen by projecting “herself” into our world by harnessing the voltage in the chassis of the TV, located behind “her.”

Then, they came to her in a dream two weeks later telling her that they appeared so the world could believe because she will write a best-selling book about her relationship with them since she was a little girl.

Here’s that photograph Photograph Linda Deir took of her spirit guide angel in 1994

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1997, at 44 years old …

Linda had to put her successful real estate business on hold, due to the demands of the Internet businesses. Once the businesses gained a solid foothold by August 1998, she sold them both. She closed these sales and completed her divorce all on the same day. After this, she was exhausted.

Starting in 1998 Linda took a three-year sabbatical to recover and reflect on her entire life. She traveled across the country and abroad, and then in 2001, she traveled throughout Peru, the Amazon Jungle, and Bolivia for a month. She kept a dream and day journal of the entire trip.

Linda Deir at 49 years old

Linda Deir in Peru in 2001

Linda Deir in Peru in 2001

She met with many so-called Shamans, most all of them were addicted to the well-known Peruvian hallucinogenic, Ayahuasca. However, she did meet one real shaman. This shaman was truly magical. He was located deep in the Bolivian Mountains, completely secluded from civilizations of any kind. His dialect was so ancient that it took two interpreters to translate his intuitive messages to her in English. This shaman did this by reading the coca leaves. He accurately saw her life from early childhood, up to the present time, and into the future. This gave Linda amazing clarity through the mind’s eye of this unspoiled magical man. He made her feel as if she was seeing her father, as this magician seemed to be changing forms physically right before her eyes.

Bolivia Shaman Preparing Sacred Ceremony with Linda

Shaman, Papa Pablo and Linda Deir arranging the coca leafs for the ceremony

NO … Linda was not hallucinating, nor was she on drugs, this was really happening. Throughout her vision quest through South America, she had dreams that showed her past, present, and future events. This was a hard trip, but a very insightful one. Linda kept a very detailed journal about her entire adventure.

Upon returning she concluded her sabbatical and began working on the project that she had in the lab for many years. She made the decision to no longer work just for the sake of making money, or with those who were unconscious. Friends and family ended their relationships with her over the years. Recovered from her past and accepting these endings, she willingly let go and began her new life. This new life is her dream of building the Channeled Readings Project so she can help others through the challenging times to come. It was now crystal clear that this is exactly what she was guided to do from the very beginning of her life – guide people out of their fear-based lives.

Then, in 2004, when Linda was 52 years old she met me …In 2004, Linda Deir met Ray Holleyher love, channeling partner, companion, and friend … and now husband as of January 1, 2005! Meet this great guy RAY HOLLEY

In 2014 when Linda was 62 years old she published the book … the book her Guides told her she would write 20 years earlier:

Guided, by Linda Deir