Linda Deir caught her Spirit Guide Angel on Camera in 1994

Linda Deir caught her Spirit Guide Angel on camera when she took this picture in 1994. Her Spirit Guide Angel (above) by projecting herself into our world by harnessing the voltage in the chasse of the TV, located behind “her.” NOTE: although spirit guides and angels...

Picking Winning Lottery Numbers

Here's what we learned in a coaching session we did for a client about Picking Winning Lottery Numbers To protect her privacy we will call her Mary. Mary was told by a psychic that she would win big in the lottery. Mary is very frustrated with that prediction because...

Learn To Channel Like A Pro…from the PROS

Ray Holley and Linda Deir, the Intuitive Team for the Channeled Readings, LLC project Start Your Lessons Today...   4-Week GUIDED e-Mail Course  Learn To Channel Like A Pro is a 4-week email course that your Spirit Guide Angels, you and your partner, will develop your...

Change Happens Long Before You Change

Life Is Happening "TO YOU"... This person is disconnected from their guidance   . . ..................................... Life Is Happening "FOR YOU"... This person is connected to their guidance    .   Change Happens Long Before You Change Want to talk...

The Difference Between your Spirit Guide Angels and Ours

 Ray Holley and Linda Deir The world’s foremost authorities and teachers on the correct use of the talking board when communicating with your “Spirit Guide Angels“ VIDEO (8:58 minutes) This Video explains who "Higher Intelligence" is and who your "Spirit Guide Angels"...

Ray’s Dream – “Tout Your Whoah” what does it mean?

Ray had a dream in June of 2010. In this dream, these words came through: "Tout Your Whoah." "Tout Your Whoah" ... what does it mean? This is a perfect example of knowing that this is a message of guidance coming "through you" from somewhere else, not "from you."...

2012 The Movie

End of the world – 2012 marks the end of the world as we know it, not the end of the world literally.

Having Goals vs. Achieving Goals

“When a ship misses a port, seldom is it the fault of the port!” This has always been one of my favorite sayings. You see, the port is your goal or intention.

Linda’s Weekly Guided Insights

A weekly gift of guidance from Linda's
"spirit guide angels"
on navigating the changing world you are now living in! ... channeled information using "Ask The Universal Channel®" talking board