3-versions of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board, by Channeled Readings, LLC


The only time Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels ever asked her for anything happened in…

December 1988…when, in Linda’s first exposure to channeling, “they” told her they needed a talking board to reach humanity on a higher level to guide them through the challenging times ahead. 
3-versions of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board, by Channeled Readings, LLC
is that talking board.

Ask The Universal Channel® talking board set, by Channeled Readings, LLC

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December 1988 … Linda Deir’s first exposure to channeling

The Story of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board. This project found Linda, she didn’t go looking for it.

This is the story of,3-versions of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board, by Channeled Readings, LLC how it all began at Christmas time, December 1988 when Linda Deir was invited to dinner at the home of her dream teacher at that time. The dream teacher and her friend were instructed, by the Guides they channeled, to invite Linda over so Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels could speak directly to her. They told these two women operators of the Quija board that they needed to arrange this with Linda immediately. They said that this was an urgent matter. In fact, so urgent that they told these ladies there would be no more access to them until this meeting took place. They would not tell the women what this was about.

Linda did not know this was planned, or that her dream teacher knew anything about channeling. Given this ultimatum, the dream teacher invited Linda to dinner. After dinner, the dream teacher brought out the Ouija Board. They still did not reveal to Linda what they were instructed to do by their Spirit Guides and Angels. They just started channeling while Linda wrote out the messages that were being relayed to her from her Spirit Guide Angels.

Channeling – First Communication …

Linda Deir's Spirit Guide Angel on her Book Cover, GUIDED

Linda Deir’s Spirit Guide Angel

Linda’s Spirit Guide Angels identified themselves. Then, they started to speak to her about what they were so anxiously waiting to tell her.

They started by talking to her about leaving the Sacramento, California area. They told her about an earthquake that was going to occur near there and soon. This well-known earthquake occurred 10 months later in San Francisco, California in October of 1989. They said the cofferdam at Folsom Lake was going to fail. Immediately after this earthquake happened the Army Core of Engineers emptied Folsom Lake so they could rebuild the cofferdam, a three-year undertaking! Her Guides said that there was going to be an economic recession that would greatly affect her thriving architectural practice. The recession started 11 months later in November 1989 and lasted through 1991.

Then, they advised Linda to leave her husband at the time. They said her the marriage to him would not work out. Linda’s husband was present in the session and when he heard this he laid down on the floor and immediately went to sleep like he was knocked out.

They” Had A Job For Linda …

Then, they told her that, if she was willing, they needed her to create and produce a talking board that opens the mind, not one that causes fear and caution. The History of the Talking Board

Linda’s Spirit Guide Angels told her that they needed this new talking board to reach humanity on a higher level to guide them through the challenging times ahead. They said that they needed this new talking board to be a teaching tool for others to use to communicate with their own Spirit Guide Angels. They insisted on her teaching people how to use this new talking board correctly. They told Linda that they would contact her in her dreams to co-create this talking board, originally known as the Universal Channel, now trademarked as 3-versions of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board, by Channeled Readings, LLC.

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Soon after this channeling session, Linda’s guides started coming through her dreams showing her the design and specifications for this new talking board. The fact that Linda already had a life-long communication bond with her Spirit Guides and Angels, was an accomplished architectural home designer and had well-developed business acumen, she was qualified to see this project through and her Spirit Guides and Angels knew this.

From start to finish, Linda completed the design, teaching course, and the manufacturing of the new talking board in just eight months. It was August 1989, the same month she left California and moved to Arizona.

More Messages From Her “Spirit Guides and Angels” …

They went on to say that she would be moving to another state and about the changes that were destined to take place in her life (which most have all happened now and just as they told her it would). They even told her the state where it would be best for her to move, but in spite of this knowledge, they said she would decide to move to a neighboring state instead (Linda moved to Arizona in August 1989 instead of the state they suggested, Colorado). They told her about her life path and what her part would be in the big plan. Some of this information is still playing out.

The dream teacher and her channeling partner were completely amazed at what Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels had told her. Until this session took place these women only used the talking board (the Ouija Board) to snoop into people’s lives instead of using it as the powerful tool it really is. They were both shocked and jealous that Linda got so much valuable information.

Production and Testing of this New Talking Board …

As soon as all of the manufacturing was complete and Linda moved to Arizona, she started the promotion of the  Universal Channel, now trademarked as,3-versions of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board, by Channeled Readings, LLC and the teaching classes on how to use it. Because her Spirit Guide Angels insisted on her making teaching the primary focus of this new talking board, she directed the development and marketing in that direction.

By the end of 1990, Linda had exhibited the talking board at most of the big trade shows and taught hundreds of people how to use it. From everything that Linda learned she felt she needed to pull back and do more research in testing the information that was being channeled. So, she put this project on hold and went back to her mainstream work of architecture and real estate. Linda and her channeling partners continued to use this new talking board for their own personal use. This allowed Linda to further explore and test the quality of the information that was channeled over many years. She continued to document and date all of the channeling sessions that she was involved in. She has compiled this channeled information since 1988, which enabled her to determine the level of accuracy as it related to the clarity of the practitioners.

Linda uses all of her gifts; dreams, channeling, and intuitive knowing, seeing, and hearing from this ongoing communication with her own Spirit Guide Angels. The combination of these talents has served her well. Linda says, “I really have the confidence to act on the Channeled Information that I get with the additional validation of my other gifts.” Besides the talking board messages that you can channel on command, your Spirit Guide Angels are always broadcasting their messages to you as events, through your own intuition, and through others who unwittingly act as agents to deliver their messages to you.

Using others who unwittingly act as agents to deliver their messages is exactly what happened in 1988 when Linda’s dream teacher and her friend received that ultimatum from their Spirit Guides and Angels to bring Linda into a channeling session. This allowed Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels to speak directly to her about co-creating the talking board that they foresaw. A way to reach humanity on a higher level so they could guide them through the challenging times ahead…3-versions of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board, by Channeled Readings, LLCis that talking board.

More of “Their” First Predictions Play Out …

In 1998, Linda overcame the limitations that were blocking her life. One of those limitations was the end of the marriage they said would not work out ten years earlier. That’s when she took a lengthy sabbatical. This gave her time to heal her life while perfecting this project over the test of time. Time and timing have always been a constant factor in developing this fascinating project.

Linda’s paranormal life and her strong connections to them have always been the norm for her, which is why they placed this project in her care. She fluidly lives in two worlds at the same time, making timely decisions from the guidance she receives.


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