THEIR” messages to you…

channeled by, Linda Deir and Ray Holley

Opening message:

HIGHER INTELLIGENCE: The path to higher intelligence and developing intuition is a continuous and interactive one with us. It is a give and take of teaching and learning. Developing higher intelligence is a progression of illumination that you experience when you open yourself up and don’t expect. You cannot force the path nor can you hide along the way. There is a chain of intelligence that flows down from one higher being to another. It has much to do with trust and love. Beings that perform at the highest plane are organized in their thinking and communication. They can communicate effectively but never forcefully. Their intelligence is organized in a logical fashion which doesn’t always seem logical to people on earth. First, trust and loyalty in oneself is required. The trust in yourself is key to the development of intuition. When you trust yourself, you can then be open to receive. Be open to receiving intuitive signals. Trust is the antenna that you use to elevate yourself above the disconnected individuals. The disconnected individuals are not using their antenna properly. They do not trust others nor themselves. Once you open up you will begin to receive the intuitive communication. At first, it will come through as hunches. As you get more open and receive more complicated communication from higher intelligence, you then start to think it is coming from you and not us. The world has the ability and the opportunity to elevate themselves through higher consciousness. All that’s needed is the right catalyst.

OUR QUESTION: Please provide the key point for this topic?

HIGHER INTELLIGENCE: The path to Higher Intelligence is a continuous and interactive one with us.

OUR QUESTION: Thank you for your comments. When you refer to Us, please clarify?

HIGHER INTELLIGENCE: To put it into terms you will understand, we are the highest performing intelligent energy. We exist in multiple planes, some physical and others not. We are a continuous energy flow that reacts and responds in a positive manner when interactions between two or more layers or planes of energy collide.

OUR QUESTION: Give us some examples of how our expectations hinder us on our path to higher consciousness?

HIGHER INTELLIGENCE: A good example would be like you taking a trip in a car and other people felt the same way or had the same expectations. To clarify, if everybody thought it was a good time to drive to the big city, everybody would be ahead of you or behind you and you would get in each others way, slowing you down. This is because you all had expectations. If you didn’t know when it was a good time to drive to the big city, you would go at different times and have a clear path.

OUR QUESTION: In your commentary you said, your intelligence is organized in a logical fashion which does not always seem logical to us. Explain?

HIGHER INTELLIGENCE: Educating yourself requires that you decide to change. It’s not just change, it has to be converted to growth. In order to grow, you have to do or learn things in an organized fashion. We always present guidance in an organized fashion, but your ingrained programming that you have accumulated over time gets in the way and prevents learning.

OUR QUESTION: In your commentary, you said, as we get more open and receive more complicated communication from higher intelligence, we then start to think it is us and not you. Explain?

HIGHER INTELLIGENCE: If we appeared to you and you could see and hear us, you would know that it is not you. However, when you become a person who is on a path to higher intelligence, you may think at some point that you know it all just as people with too many degrees. What you don’t know fills the infinite universe what you do know only fills your mind.

OUR QUESTION: Explain what you mean by “A catalyst to elevate higher consciousness?”

HIGHER INTELLIGENCE: A catalyst can be anything that prompts you to desire higher intelligence. It can come in the form of a person or a book or an accidental happening. Not that it was accidental.

Their Messages To You, channeled by Linda Deir and Ray Holley using,Ask The Universal Channel® talking board set, by Channeled Readings, LLC ©2007 Channeled Readings, LLC