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Everyone has an Interesting Story to tell after they personally experience our:

    • EVENTS…groundbreaking!
    • LEARN TO CHANNEL your Spirit Guides

See Debbie’s Private Channelng the messages from her Spirit Guides and Angels completely shocked her!


This is the photograph of “Linda’s Spirit Guide Angel” that she caught on camera in 1994. This is what “they” really look like.

Linda's Spirit Guide Angel

CLICK HERE to learn more about “Linda’s Spirit Guide Angel

Linda Deir

Many, many thanks for doing my reading so quickly.   I am absolutely amazed with the integrity, the love, and honesty with which you have done this reading and the ‘high’ nature of the Spirit Guides comments and responses.  You have an amazing skill and I am very, very grateful to you both for this service.”

Maybel - international client

When I first came across CR News I was somewhat skeptical. I read their articles and noticed what they said seemed to happen shortly afterwards in the news. I now use their service as my personal counselors through their LIFE CHANGE Private Channeled Readings. Each time I don’t heed their advice I am truly sorry. I appreciate the messages I get as, they-My Spirit Guides, say it as it is. Linda and Ray are helpful in clarifying the messages I receive in my personal readings to make the messages more relevant to me.”

Gabrielle Pearlman - international client

In a world of misinformation fostered by a mainstream media that has no interest in actually reporting the truth, CR News Reports truly is like a breath of fresh air. The information CR News shares isn’t vetted by power brokers in the “shadows” whose primary objective is actually to spin and manipulate, not to authentically inform. Their notarized predictions span a wide range of popular and timely news topics, providing subscribers with important insights that can potentially offer them a “leg up” as to what may be coming down the road. From my background in the spiritual growth area, I particularly value the CR News Reports on Higher Intelligence and Personal Development & Improvement, as they always tend to include some very insightful and thought-provoking information.”

Jeff Maziarek, author of Spirituality Simplified and Cody's Journey

I have personally worked with and consulted with the founders of Channeled Readings, Ray and Linda, since the inception of I am impressed by both the information they provide through their site and their mediumship abilities, as well as their insistence upon integrity whether it be a private or publicly channeled reading. If there is anything to be garnered from information brought forth from the other side, you can be sure that Ray and Linda will deliver it without judgment or predisposition. They are extremely dedicated to the service which they provide.”

David Youngman

These guys are the real thing. We had them this SAT (Dec. 3. 2011) at our Holiday Bazaar and the line built for a couple of hours. People who had heard of them and couldn’t believe they were doing courtesy readings at our event. Thanks, Linda Deir & Ray Holley.” You Rocked 🙂 ”

Patricia and Scott Vega owners of Le Petit Wedding Spa

Thank you for your great work. I really appreciate it. As an investor, your recent tips on oil, and the major indices have helped me to preserve, and even increase, my family’s capital.

I am glad your financial updates have been increasing in frequency. It sure is a lot easier to focus on what’s really important when the basic creature comforts are handled!


Dr David Kamnitzer

Nobody could have convinced me that intuitive psychic mediums would have a critical impact on our marketing strategy as profoundly as you did. The session was the most interesting, informative, and productive one we have ever had. I can see for our next meeting we’ll need a much larger conference room as everyone wants to attend. I’m glad I called on you.”

Adam K, Director, Market Research

The experience was so different and like nothing we expected. The insight into our business challenges was deep and spot-on. Everyone came away with new ideas and ways to make our existing services better for our customers. Please don’t consult with our competitors, Okay?

Michelle W, CEO

The time I have spent with Channeled Readings, LLC Intuitive Psychic Mediums has been nothing short of amazing. I have gained personal understanding and clarity from my Spirit Guides. What a gift that is!

Tora Reiner

My questions and concerns were answered through channeling even before I got a chance to speak them aloud…I felt like these Intuitive Psychic Mediums were reading my mind. I was given not only personal clarity but business guidance as well. The ability to connect with my Spirit Guides is a priceless experience.”  ~Sally Hayes, Permanent Makeup, Scottsdale, Arizona

Sally Hayes

I have had 3 Private Channeled Reading Sessions with Ray and Linda over the past year, and I have found the information they gave me to be invaluable in navigating different aspects of my life. In their readings, they helped me gain clarity and direction in the areas of personal finance, my business, family, and my personal relationships. I highly recommend their work! I think they can really help anyone interested who has questions about their life. The information I receive is grounded and practical.” ~Dr. Sam Berne—Holistic Health Practitioner, Tesuque, New Mexico

Dr. Sam Berne

We’ve spent a lot more and gotten a lot less with traditional , mainstream consultants. The experience of seeing the information come through was absolutely amazing as well as critical to our business.”

Don H., Product Development Director

We get calls daily from busy people with urgent concerns about world affairs, military conflicts, finances, and real estate. This inspired us to search for a technique that could provide accurate answers. Recently we found it. Over the course of many years, the Channeled Readings, LLC Intuitive Psychic Mediums consistently produced very accurate information — the kind that may help as you plan for the future.

Channeled Readings, LLC uses a two-person team. The process can be learned by just about anyone. What’s more, the answers come very quickly. In a one-hour session you’ll usually see a great deal of useable information.

These are very uncertain times. If you’re looking for answers on how to prepare for the future, a Channeled Readings, LLC Event is a ‘must-attend’ event.”

Ben Lizardi, Lizardi Communications

The CR News Reports© gives me the important decision-making information I need, in a concise format, before it happens.

“I have found that the predictions in the CR News Reports© and the CR Daily News Prediction© is quite accurate. Compared to other newsletters I subscribe to, I find that the CR News Reports© gives me the important decision-making information I need, in a concise format, before it happens instead of after-the-fact. “News before it happens” is more than a slogan. It’s the difference between knowing what’s going to happen and listening to others talk about what already happened.

The “higher intelligence source” that they channel for this information is what gives the CR News Reports© its edge. This “higher intelligence source” provides surprisingly accurate future predictions on real-life topics that I’m concerned about. These reports help me to decide what future course of action to take in my life in many areas.

I have followed the CR News Reports© and CR Daily News Prediction© for some time now. The “News before it happens” helps me to decide which course of action to take in advance and allows me to plan my future and not just react to what happens. Oh, and did I forget to mention the peace of mind I have now? This is the only news source I trust.”

Thank you Linda and Ray for providing this valued service.”

Jim Smith, Broker Universal Properties

The news BEFORE it happens … What more could you ask for? The CR News Reports© are a critical tool in the success of my business planning and decision-making.”

Candace Czarny, ASID, CFM, LEED AP - President, Wind & Water, Inc.

What can I say about Channeled Readings, LLC the CR News Reports©, and Ray & Linda? The best way to describe Ray and Linda is “Tuned In.” I am a hard core skeptic so instead of telling you how amazing they are, let me just say seeing and hearing is believing. Don’t take my word for it. Do a little research and make your own decision.”

Eddie Kij, Classic Insurance

Old Dog Learns New Tricks… as one of our CR News Reports© Members has proven.

Long past retirement age and invested in all the traditional investments to live out his Golden years, he watched his traditional investments continue to decline in value.

He discovered the CR News Reports© and step-by-step tested the accuracy of these news predictions. At first he just watch them play out. Then he started moving some of his assets out of the investments that continued to decline and re-investing them into assets that our “Higher Intelligence Source” recommended. In a short period of time he made back all his losses and much more and is now he is very well positioned. He has been a CR News Reports© member since 2006.” ~ this project even continues to amaze us, Ray Holley & Linda Deir – managers of the Channeled Readings, LLC project

Ray Holley & Linda Deir

Through this talking board Linda Deir’s Ex-mother-in-law informs Linda that she passed over 4 months earlier…

Linda’s ex-mother-in-law— who Linda only later discovered had passed over four months earlier— unexpectedly came through to speak to her. “They said, “Shelia would like to speak with you.” Linda said, Okay, come on through Mom. She came through and said, “I never understood what you were doing with this work. Now I see so many things so much clearer.”

“Hello honey, I also want to thank you for trying to help my son to grow up. He is not meant to. I am so happy that you saw the entire picture. You have great days ahead because of your knowledge and preparations.”

“I willed myself not to be part of your days of doom. Of course, I did not have that realization until I was released from my body.”

“You need to know that Steven was wonderful to me before I passed.” The other Intuitive Psychic Medium asked, “Were your other boys as good as Steve in being there for you at the end?” Steve’s mother went on to say, “They did not have his insight because they were not exposed to the other side of life as he was. Thank you, Linda for your help.”

Linda said, You feel great” She agreed, “Yes, young and well. I am no expert on what it takes to do what you both are doing, however Linda in your resume you should mention talking to ‘us on the other side’ as one of your areas of expertise. Many do not understand what is meant by the intuitive psychic medium’s Spirit Guides from beyond. I didn’t, but everyone understands what it means when you say, ‘those from the other side.’ Honey, I also want to say I did not believe in life after death. Now I know I was your Mother in another European lifetime. In your abilities on this board of communication you can also read past lives for others.”

Linda's ex-mother-in-law

Linda Deir’s personal guide comes through this talking board to help this man.

A Texas man called Linda over the phone telling her that he purchased the UNIVERSAL CHANNEL®, now trademarked as Ask the Universal Channel® and received a message telling him to contact Linda because Linda’s own personal connection from the other side, would be able to help him. So this man called Linda and told her this. He spelled out the exact spelling of Linda’s own personal connection, a name that is very unusual. Linda channeled her connection to discuss this matter, who told her that the information that he received was correct.

Her connection would now be able to communicate directly with him over his talking board and help him with his present life issues. After he communicated directly with Linda’s connection he called Linda back to give her feedback about his encounter. He told her that her connection gave him very detailed information about what he was seeking and shocked to discover that this kind of help really existed. Linda was equally surprised to discover that her connection would contact someone else to help them. What a surprise.”

Texas man calls Linda

Numerous pregnant women reported the conversations they had with their unborn babies throughout their pregnancies.

“Each of the unborn babies told them the month and day it would be born, the name it wanted, what sex it would be, why it chose the mother and father as its parents, why it was reincarnating, etc. This dialog went on through-out the entire pregnancies. Everything that these unborn babies spoke of came true. It helped the mothers and fathers understand who their child really was before it was born.”

Conversations with their unborn babies

Through messages on this talking board The Other Side prove that they are real… A woman who was one of many people present at a Channeling sèance that Linda was giving asked for the channeled energy to prove that they are real.

Within minutes a five-foot high statue fell over and broke. This woman then said, ‘Is this proof’? Everyone laughed and we all went on with the sèance.”

Linda Deir

A business man asked Linda about ‘who robbed his jewelry store’? Linda was doing an ‘Introduction Demonstration’ in the presence of a group. This man did not take this channeling seriously. Those from the other side told him that he robbed the store himself so that he could collect on his insurance policy. This man turned white and ran out of the building.”

Who robbed my jewelry store?