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Click Here I am honored to announce that my autobiography, GUIDED, has been selected as WINNER of the first annual Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards, recognizing the best books on the topics of mind, body, and spirit internationally. The award cites excellence in design, story, and overall professionalism in the presentation of writing and narration.

Linda's flagship book, Guided:GUIDED, by Linda Deir

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Meeting the Real YOU

My Guided Journey

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My Guided Journey©

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My Journal Writing, by Linda Deir

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Linda didn’t have a friend in the world. Fortunately, she had very good friends who were not in the world.

Even as a child, Linda Deir was different. She didn’t really fit in. That was fine with her because she had all the friendship and love she needed from her Spirit Guides and Angels. These benevolent life coaches never compelled; they just suggested. The choice was always hers. Then in 1994, at Christmas time, Linda’s Spirit Guide appear in the the middle of the room allowing her to take the photograph. That photo is on the front of her book: Guided. This is the only book ever written about Spirit Guides or Angels with a ‘real’ photograph of the authors Guide. That same year in a dream, they told her she will write a book about her relationship with them, and that they appeared so the world could believe. This book would help people free themselves from their fear-based lives, so they connect with their own Spirit Guides and Angels and live the life they intended before they were born. Using her own life as an example, she wrote Guided, a true story of triumph over extreme adversity and a template for opening to the invisible loving friends that are all around us. Are you ready to get to know them?

How is what you do different from what John Edward does?

Although we are at Channeled Readings, LLC and John Edward both hook into a “channel” a realm beyond the earthy physical realm, there are differences. John Edward is a Psychic Medium and is known for contacting the dead to help those still living with closure. He intuits the messages and then asks for feedback from the person he is focused on to help that person understand the information. The information that he receives is related to the person’s past, intended to validate their continued existence, in order to bring peace to that person’s life. Using Ask The Universal Channel® you can work solo or with a partner to channel your Spirit Guides and Angels and others. They not only answer your questions, but they also provide life coach training that gives you direction and insight you probably overlooked or didn’t even know existed. This is an interactive 2-way communication between you and your “Spirit Guides and Angels,” not an interpretation of what they are saying.

Who are my Spirit Guides and Angels?

They are many. Starting with those core Guides that you agreed would guide you throughout this lifetime. Some of these Core Guides have been guides for you in previous lifetimes.

Those who have passed from this lifetime are not your Guides. If they come to you after they passed over it’s because there’s unfinished business, but they are not here to guide you only release the energy that keeps you both stuck.

There are others who come in to help you work through specific challenges, or on specific projects – these are the “Specialist Guides.” To learn more about your “Spirit Guides and Angels” go here: About your “Spirit Guides and Angels

More Interesting Facts About The History Of The Talking Board

If you start investigating on the Internet, you will find that many of the most popular mediums of our day like James Van Praagh communicating with those on the other side, and Jane Roberts who channeled the Seth material learned by using a talking board. Another was Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), channeled portions of the AA manual using an Ouija board.

More notable users of the talking board

Superstition, Hollywood, and religious taboos steered people into believing and even fearing communication with source connected guides. The talking board is the most powerful means of communicating with your Spirit Guides and Angels. It gives you access to universal truth anytime you want it. Unlike other intuitive tools, the talking broad is an interactive 2-way communication bridge between you and your “Spirit Guides and Angels.” To this day, the talking board remains the most powerful tool, yet controversial means of communicating with your own Spirit Guides and Angels.

These are primitive tools and not new to mankind at all. As mankind evolved we became more reliant upon the written word, causing these natural intuitive abilities to atrophy. Now the written word, that which we have come to rely upon as the truth, is in question by more and more people. We are all looking for better information, leading us back to the simplest of concepts, except now we are evolved humans, not the cave people that originally stumbled upon these information-giving tools.

The History of the Talking Board

In Greece, a Talking Board like instrument was used by Pythagoras and his disciples.  From 550 BC the philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, encouraged his disciples to make use of a Talking Board like instrument to unearth revelations.

Recorded history dates this channeling device back to Liu Song Dynasty (960-1279). Fuji planchette writing, long before the Name Ouija was associated with it in the late 1800s AD – over 800 years later. These tools are associated with the same lineage of divination tools as dowsing rods or sticks, writing instruments like a pen for automatic writing, and the planchette, which is the French word for the speller that comes with Ask The Universal Channel® talking board, by Channeled Readings, LLCtalking board. Ask The Universal Channel® talking board, by Channeled Readings, LLCwas also optimized for use with your pendulum.

Why are my Spirit Guides and Angels so hard for me to contact?

You need to get quiet. With consistent practice, you will break through. The first time you do make this contact with your Spirit Guides and Angels you may be surprised, which will instantly take you out of that perfect moment with them. You are new to this so be patient with yourself.

Continue to do it again and again until you no longer come from a place of surprise, interrupting that moment you make the connection with them. Once you learn to do this, that moment will become minutes, then many more minutes until time becomes a conversation with them. Your ability to communicate with your Spirit Guides and Angels is not determined by how hard you work at it. It’s about being open to it. You will become a walking truth and fact detector tuned into them all the time. You will know you are being Guided!

How do my Spirit Guides and Angels know who I am?

You are not alone. Your Spirit Guides and Angels are your eternal family. You know each other from many, many lifetimes and beyond. Right now, the only difference between you and them is that you elected to reside in a body on earth and they did not. It is their job to help you on your journey here, it’s your job to learn to detect them, so you have the ability to take action on their guidance while it’s valid. Remember their guidance has a shelf life.

Can my Spirit Guides and Angels include people I knew that died?

Almost never. Those that communicate to you from the other side who crossed over from this lifetime are returning because they are trying to get you to release them, or they have unfinished business. Although you are in pain from their departure you must release them so they can move on because they are in much more pain than you are by holding them back. If they are returning because of unfinished business, try to help understand what that is so you can possibly help them and YOU complete what was left unfinished so you can BOTH move on. I learned this lesson when someone I knew died unexpectedly, chapter 16 of Guided.

What is free will?

Free Will means that you make your own personal choices with regard to the information you receive from your Spirit Guides and Angels. No matter what anyone tells you in this life, including your Spirit Guides and Angels, you always have the free will to act on it or not. No matter what they tell you, YOU always have the free will to do what feels right for you. They respect this and will not get in your way, or interfere with your free will and free choice. It’s your life, not theirs.

Are my Spirit Guides and Angels ever wrong?

Again, you always have free will, no matter what they tell you. The information that they give you can be altered in terms of the ultimate outcome, due to your free will to act upon it or not. Therefore, it may appear to you that your Spirit Guides and Angels were wrong when something they told you did not happen. All intuitive messages have a shelf life, so reflect on your part in taking action or not on the guidance to determine if your Spirit Guides and Angels were wrong.

How many Spirit Guides and Angels do I have?

That number fluctuates. In fact, you may completely outgrow your need for some of your Spirit Guides and Angels and others that have helped you. When this happens others will come in that you are aligned with. You always have Spirit Guides and Angels no matter who you are or what you have or have not done in this life. They do not have any judgment about you and your life choices. At times of great stress in your life, your Spirit Guides and Angels are more focused on you and your needs. In fact, this is when they really work to get your attention. After all, it is their job to help you on your journey here.

Are my Spirit Guides and Angels smarter than me?

They are much clearer than you are because they are not scattered in their thinking, or limited by the density of the physical body. They see everything for what it really is. They have no agenda or biases and they do not resist the truth. They know everything that you forgot when you came into this life and were assigned your amnesia. They know you from all your lifetimes. So, suggestions and insights (life coach training) that they offer to you are intimately connected to you in the most specific detail. They observe your life choices and outcomes. They feel your joy and pain. They know your deepest concerns. The tragedy for you is that you have been oblivious to them and their value in your life.

Become Smarter by starting this relationship with your Spirit Guides and Angels now. Once you do this you will wonder how you ever got by without them.

Do my Spirit Guides and Angels have names?

They do not use names where they are. It’s not necessary. They all know everything and everyone as “energy.” Telepathy is their means of communication, hence the reason for using a tool like Ask The Universal Channel®. If you ask your Spirit Guides and Angels for their names, they may give you a name to use when you are trying to contact them, but they do not go by names. They understand that this is your means of communication, but remember that they are not attached to a name. They only use it to benefit your “energy connection” to them.

Why does it seem so easy for you to communicate with the Spirit Guides and Angels?

Practice! Over the years, each one of us has had access to our own Spirit Guides and Angels through channeling, dreams, meditation, tarot cards, psychometry, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and intuition. Each one of our talents is different.

To sum it up, we have been dedicated to the receiving truth our entire lives. Through this urge for the truth, we studied, explored and practiced in areas that we were individually drawn to. To put it simply, we are the scientists in our own laboratories, testing our theories out on ourselves first. 

What do you do to be a clear channel?

Nothing. In fact, that is our most important role, to think nothing and have no attachment to the information or questions so that the information from your Spirit Guides and Angels can flow directly from them without corruption or  interference. Doing and thinking nothing takes more practice than you may imagine. The mind has a habit of thinking ALL of the time. Clearing the mind and ego from all expectations is the key to being a consistent channeler.

For many, this takes years of practice. Our role as the channelers is to bring their information through and help you understand it. We do not have any attachment to this information, nor do we ever know what the Spirit Guides and Angels are going to say. We will tell you that they are relentless about seeing that you accomplish what you came here to do. They are your biggest fans and know you better than anyone ever will.

What is involved in thinking nothing in order to be a Channel?

To be a clear channeler who serves as a channel of higher truth and that brings that truth into this dimension is easy. All you need to do is stop lying to yourself, quit editing, move into a position in which what others think about you won’t determine what you will or will not do, transcend the need to be right and remain free of your own personal biases. Only then can you be a clear channel who is NOT the authority, but the vehicle that the Spirit Guides and Angels messages travel through.