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Channeled Readings, LLC ... 2-Day Workshops

This is a hands-on-workshop taught by Linda Deir and her instructors, as they personally guide you through the steps of communicating with your Spirit Guides and Angels. You will gain confidence and clarity in your ability to detect when your Spirit Guides and Angels are sending you messages, as well as speaking with them directly. This is an interactive 2-way communication bridge to your Spirit Guides and Angels free of interpretation and second-guessing yourself. Once you learn to do this for yourself you will have a direct line of communication with your own Spirit Guides and Angels on command. You will be able to perform this “gift of insight” for others by putting them in touch with their own source connected Guides. Now, that’s a powerful gift for you and for them!

All “Learn to Channel” workshops are performed through the exclusive use of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board, by Channeled Readings, LLCtalking board. A trademarked product of our company Channeled Readings, LLC. Additionally, you will also learn many other “dowsing” techniques, including automatic writing. You become “Advanced” after you complete the 4th level – “Advanced” workshop. Workshops start at the “Beginner Level” to the “Advanced Level,” in sequential order through 4-levels of workshops. A minimum of 10 sign-ups required for a specific class level to be scheduled. Workshops are conducted on-site. Workshops are focused on you learning to have an interactive 2-way communication between you and your “Spirit Guide Angels.”

Our “Learn to Channel” workshops are not certified, licensed, a designation, or academically accredited.


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