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ABOUT “those” who guide you

Here’s how they explain who they are, “We are a Higher Intelligence Source, we provide a Universal Insight and Information Service, we call it Truth.”

Your Spirit Guides and Angels are always with you. You just need to learn to detect them and their guidance. To benefit from the power of their guidance you must act on it while it’s still valid, that’s the most challenging part. Linda has a lifetime of experience working with her Spirit Guides and Angels. She is an expert at communicating with them on command. Linda puts you in direct contact with your own Spirit Guides and Angels using the same tools and methods she uses professionally on a daily basis.

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Seeing is believing. Linda Deir’s book, Guided, is the first book written about Spirit Guides or Angels where the author captured a real photograph of their Spirit Guide Angel. This photograph became the front cover of her book, Guided, along with subsequent books.

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Linda's flagship book, Guided:GUIDED, by Linda Deir

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Meeting the Real YOU

My Guided Journey

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My Journal Writing, by Linda Deir

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YOU ARE ALWAYS BEING GUIDED… You were not just dropped off here on this planet to fend for yourself. Your Spirit Guides and Angels are here to help you every step of the way throughout your lifetime, that’s their job!

Your Spirit Guides and Angels determine who is best qualified to answer your questions while providing you with the life coaching you need just when you need it, and even when you didn’t know you needed it. They are your biggest fans – you just need to learn to detect their messages and then act on them.

What qualifies your Spirit Guides and Angels to guide you throughout your life? Answer: they were assigned to you before you were born. They know exactly what you intended to accomplish this time around. Because of this, they are the most qualified to guide you.

They are similar to experiencing the occasional, enlightened ones here on earth. Your Spirit Guides and Angels are beings of light who may or may not have ever experienced an incarnation here in the physical world. So, wake up and make that connection with them because, not only will they assist in making your life a fantastic adventure, they will never let you down.

You can ask your Spirit Guides and Angels anything because you have help, you are never alone, and always being guided.


ASSISTANCE WITH ISSUES OF CLOSURE… These are not your Spirit Guides and Angels, they are those you have known from this lifetime who crossed over and are now in spirit form. They can come back to tell you something that was left undone before completely leaving. This could happen when their departure from this life was sudden or tragic. They may be feeling regret and maybe even guilt – definitely unfinished business.

The important thing for you to remember since there’s no bringing them back, is that you need to let them go. The pain of your loss may be keeping them from moving on. Although it may be painful for you, it’s far more painful for them when they can’t move on. This includes you beloved pets.

Just because they were released from their body doesn’t mean they are released from the earth plane. This is why many religions won’t speak out the name of the dead. They believe that it takes time for them to leave this dimension and by saying their name it can keep them stuck here. The same thing applies to grieving. For their sake and yours, let them go.


THOSE WHO ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU These Spirit Guides are always with you and assist you throughout your life… They are those who you mutually agreed would help you on your journey here before you incarnated. You have a long history with these Spirit Guides. They are with you throughout this lifetime. They know what you intended to accomplish when you entered this life and their job is to help you achieve that, but the choice is always yours.

These are your Core Guides. This core group of Spirit Guides are very similar to your Higher Self, as they collectively watch over your progress, protect you from harm, and urge you to move in the right direction at just the right time. They create obstacles when you are heading off course. They are always calm, helping you make better decisions. They send you timely guidance. When you are tuned-in to this, and going with the flow, you will feel the courage to take the path that is best for you, even when it may not always be the easiest or the most convenient one at that time. Your Guides intention is to see that you accomplish what you came here to do. They remember what that is, even when you don’t.

They are always in service to you – that’s their job. They are encouraged when you listen and it is them who put those great thoughts and inspirations in your head, rarely does it come from you … imagine that.

They encourage you with their enthusiasm and belief in you. They love and support you unconditionally. They are the best friends, possibly the only real friends you will ever have in this life. No one knows you better or cares about you more than they do. They are your biggest fans!

They will never let you down. It’s you that needs to raise your awareness to the fact that they exist and are always there, and ready to help you. It is through building a rapport with them on a constant basis, that will enable you to request their help and guidance and receive it upon command. Ask The Universal Channel® is the tool to help you do this. This is a very tender and powerful relationship that you will be developing with your Spirit Guides. You can ask your Guides anything and receive clear answers.


HIGHER INTELLIGENCE SOURCEThese Guides Are “Specialists.” They are qualified to help you with specific issues and projects. These Specialist Guides are brought in by your Higher Self and Spirit Guides and Angels to assist you on special projects. These specialists are brilliant communicators, collaborators, analysts, and problem-solvers. They see what you have missed all along.

The more you focus on a particular issue or project, the more these specialists will be in your energy field helping you all the way through. They are not like your Spirit Guides, these Specialists only come through for specific needs.


You always have connections on the other side (Spirit Guides, Angels, and others) no matter who you are or what you have or have not done in this lifetime. They do not have any judgment about you or your life choices. At times of great stress, or shock, you are able to receive their clear guidance because you are open to it. In fact, this is when YOU are really accessible to them. They are always right there to help you, it’s you who has been missing it. Those who guide you include more than just those that have lived as humans on earth. This varies from person-to-person, however, it doesn’t really matter because you always have exactly what you need at any given time, no matter where they are from as long as you are open to it.