The Science of Channeling

This is an interactive 2-way communication between you and your Spirit Guides and Angels … based on the principles of dowsing.

LEARN TO CHANNEL - your "Spirit Guide Angels"



Channeling with a talking board is based on the principles of dowsing; like automatic writing, using dowsing rods or sticks, muscle testing, a pendulum, and the planchette (aka: speller).

Channeling is opening a door between two dimensions, each having their own reality. People who could receive information from one realm and pass it on to another were called Prophets. Today, we call them Mediums or Channels, acting as a go-between, a channel, a conduit, or a wire. Channeling is receiving information from other than one’s own mind.

Channeling using Ask The Universal Channel® talking board, by Channeled Readings, LLCtalking board lets your connections on the other side speak to you in their words, not the mediums/channelers translation of what they feel “they” are saying.

There are many sources of this information. Whatever the source, good quality channeled information is always free of your expectations, ego, and judgment.

Channeling is not a religion or a replacement for your personal beliefs. Channeling offers a better understanding of those beliefs, from the vast knowledge and wisdom that can be tapped into through channeling.

LEARN TO CHANNEL - your "Spirit Guide Angels"



How to channel reliable information every time.

Clarity of the practitioners is critical to receiving quality information.

Channeling involves a discipline where the practitioners remove themselves from any expectation of an outcome. This is based on cooperation, not domination, allowing your Spirit Guides and Angels to transmit their messages exactly as they intended. For the practitioners, this is what is referred to as “getting out of the way.” This process is conscious channeling, meaning that you are always in total control, never giving up your free will at any time to those that you channel, or your channeling partner, and sometimes both. The channeling process must be void of dominance (control) by the practitioners, guests or client(s).

With patience and discipline, most can learn to channel. With practice comes the skill to become a consistent and reliable channeler. Once this level of excellence is achieved, the practitioners become more accessible to them energetically at all times, giving the practitioners the ability to instantly know what to do or not, in any situation as a result of this training. Practice for 15 minutes a day to get results.

What’s required of you and your channeling partner is to (a) Be open to the Truth, (b) Ask your Guides well thought out WHY Questions, (c) In order to do both ‘a’ and ‘b’ you must always enter into your channeling sessions with a calm and balanced energy. Avoid questions that steer and lead. Good quality questions are those that do not assume a particular outcome. A single WHY question is the best way to ask.

VIDEO: channel your Spirit Guides and Angels

LEARN TO CHANNEL - your "Spirit Guide Angels"



Communicating with your Spirit Guides and Angels…Transformation through channeling.


Linda took this photograph in 1994 at Christmas time when her Spirit Guide Angel materialized right in front of her when she had her camera in hand

Linda's Spirit Guide Angel

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There is a serious need to probe beyond the limits imposed upon us by traditional thinking. Your Spirit Guides, Angels and others you have a connection to will press on many of your perceptions requiring you to expand your current thoughts and beliefs.

You know when you are starting to “get it” when your day-to-day thinking clears up. Step-by-step you start feeling less stressed, see things for what they really are, become less needy, and project a centered and calm presence.

To be a ‘clear channel’ of higher truth and bring that truth into this dimension is easy. All you need to do is stop lying, quit editing what you think and say, move into a position in which what others think about you won’t determine what you will or will not do, transcend the need to be right, and remain free of your own personal biases. Only then can you be a ‘clear channel.’

You are the vehicle the transmissions travel through, not the source.

Mastering this, you will become more like your Spirit Guides and Angels as you see things for what they are and you for who you really are. You will become more consistent with your ability to communicate with your Spirit Guides and Angels, hence, have clear communication with them on command. You will know what it’s like to live a guided life as a result of this direct communication with your Spirit Guides and Angels the best friends and life coaches you will ever have.


LEARN TO CHANNEL - your "Spirit Guide Angels"



How to channel powerful messages from your Spirit Guides and Angels on command.

Their messages come through as text messages. You are each operating as a conscious channel when using this talking board device: Ask The Universal Channel® talking board, by Channeled Readings, LLC

When you start a channeling session allow your Spirit Guides and Angels initiate it. When you do this, they will start by telling you what they see as the most important thing for you to know at this particular time in your life. You will discover that this will be the most valuable communication you will receive from your source connected guides and not from the questions you ask them. You must have an open mind, allowing them to bring through their timely guidance to you.

When they are done they will stop, prompting you to start asking your questions. They immediately answer each one of your questions through this channeling process. Your questions can be about anything you need answers to like finance and business, health issues, world events, relationships, your life purpose, past lifetimes, and talk to loved ones who have crossed over and anything else that you want deeper insight into.

They are teachers of great patience and knowledge, answering your questions while enhancing your awareness through greater understandings about yourself.


Linda Deir is the world’s foremost authority and teacher on channeling with the talking board.