Here’s what we learned …

in a coaching session, we did for a client about Picking Winning Lottery Numbers

To protect her privacy we will call her Mary.

Mary was told by a psychic that she would win big in the lottery. Mary is very frustrated with that prediction because she still hasn’t won the lottery as she faithfully continues to make her contributions to the lottery pot each and every week.

Here’s what Mary’s Spirit Guide Angels told her when we performed her coaching session about winning lottery numbers ...

Mary asked:   Will I win the lottery?… Hit the jackpot?

Voice of Mary’s Spirit Guide Angels:   “Do you have favorite numbers?”

Mary answered:    Yes, I play them every week.

Voice of Mary’s Spirit Guide Angels:   “Stop playing them because you put more energy into picking numbers than putting energy into allowing yourself to win money. It is not the numbers. Get quick picks and stop putting energy into picking the numbers, put all your energy into allowing yourself to open up to a universe of abundance coming your way. Create the feeling you have already won much wealth and abundance and let it show up. Sequentially, put your energy into (1) seeing it, (2) expecting it, (3) projecting it, (4) and then, collecting it. By not obsessing over numbers and just getting a quick pick you create the possibility in your energy to win. You won’t win the grand prize but will win smaller prizes. In total, you will get there a little at a time.”     END

Commentary from Ray and Linda: “Expecting an outcome” is the downfall of any attempt to get lucky or change your luck. By the way, your luck resides in your ability to just allow it to happen, not make it happen. Every time you become fearful and start to worry while expecting some kind of outcome you are working against the natural flow of abundance. It’s like thinking you can push against a wave with force and resistance, as opposed to riding the wave and going with the flow. If you can’t see the wave – the opportunity – it’s already too late or too early. It’s not the wave that isn’t on time, it’s you. The opportunities are always there if you can stop sabotaging them by obsessing over an outcome.

Once you master this by allowing the natural flow of abundance to come to you without your interference, you will not only draw to you financial abundance but you will have developed the skills to draw in other desirable events, people, and opportunities. This will happen as easily as turning on a faucet.

We work with you one-on-one by putting you in direct contact with your Spirit Guide Angels. They will open you up to your natural flow of abundance. Each person is at a different level in allowing this flow to work for them.Your Spirit Guide Angels know you better than anyone else and that is why they are the only ones qualified to help you define what you need to do right now.

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