Here’s the topic that this publisher of a magazine asked us to write about …When economic times are tough, families can feel the stress together. I’m searching for stress relieving activities that families can do together to chill out and ease tensions. I’m looking for your expert advice about solutions that can help these families.”

Getting Unstuck

These tough ‘economic times’ are just starting. People always use “the times” or political leadership, or taxes, or where they were born as an excuse for their ills, failures, and shortfalls.  Well, these “times” are not like the past. We are at the tip of a huge new iceberg. Old solutions that worked in “those times” just don’t cut it now. Some things may be a temporary fix, but the problems will return like a boomerang.

A New Solution

The solution isn’t coming from a new President, at least not for you and me. Most of what traditionally worked in the past have been completely exhausted. It’s time to look for sustainable solutions to these ‘economic times’ to relieve your stress. This will mean giving things up and changing your thinking. Didn’t a recent politician run on a platform of change?  What he meant was that YOU will have to change! Your family will have to change, everyone will have to change. Those who don’t change voluntarily will have change forced upon them, causing more stress in their life. Some who do not know how to change will fall prey to the many scams that ‘look’ like answers to their problems. These will be very profitable times for scam artists who prey on those who try to hang on.

Skip All The Pain

If you want to skip all the pain and suffering and cut out the victim mentality, identify your passion and follow that without hesitation. That’s guidance pointing you in that direction. No more excuses. You may have lost everything so why not try it? Let go of everything that weighs you down, worries you, and keeps you stuck in the past. If that means you need to sell or walk away from the stuff that keeps you from indulging in your life’s purpose then do it. When your stuff equals stress and not pleasure, then it’s time to get rid of the stuff.

History Reflecting Back

History will someday show that the ‘stuff’ we insatiably consumed stifled our creativity and enthusiasm for what living really is. We never owned the stuff, it owned us. We were held captive by its allure and the desire to possess it. It didn’t make us rich, it made the corporations rich off us.

The Future

There really are no other choices. Make doing what you love a family activity. Living your passion is all there really is. It’s guidance that will point you in the right direction. Your job is to flow with it with hesitating. This is the real solution to easing your stress and it’s not just a temporary fix. Accepting that nothing ever happens to you and that everything happens for you takes you out of the victim role, relieves the stress, and puts you on an entirely different life path.