This is the photograph Linda captured on camera in 1994 of her Spirit Guide AngelLinda Deir caught her Spirit Guide Angel on camera when she took this picture in 1994.

Her Spirit Guide Angel (above) by projecting herself into our world by harnessing the voltage in the chasse of the TV, located behind “her.”

NOTE: although spirit guides and angels do not have a gender, I called this “her” because the feminine energy was so strong in the room it was palatable that day she materialized.

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Seeing is believing. This is the first book written about Spirit Guides or Angels where the author actually captured a real photograph of their Spirit Guide Angel.

This photograph is on the front cover of my book, “Guided” (see book below). This happened unexpectedly in 1994, the most amazing day of my life. She materialized right in front of to me in full glory as her energy completely consumed the room. As soon as I took her photograph she dissipated into thin air. I just happened to have my Nikon camera in hand at that very moment. What’s the chance of that?

That same year my Spirit Guide Angels came to me in a dream and told me I would write a best-selling book. They said it would be about relationships, about my relationship with “them.”. A book that would use my life as the template to help you reconnect with your own Spirit Guide Angels.

The book “Guided, by Linda Deir” is a true life story of my experiences with them throughout my life, so you can recognizing them when they show up in your own life.

The book contains; 137 tips, learnings, awareness’s and lessons and a visualization that when you let it work anything can happen. After all, that’s why she appeared that day – she didn’t do it for me because I’ve seen them since I was 20 months old. She appeared so you could see and feel it for yourself. They told me you are ready – ready to meet your spirit guide angels.

Guided...WINNER 2017 Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards

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