In this video, you will see what beginners experience using Ask The Universal Channel® talking board set, by Channeled Readings, LLCwith Linda Deir and Ray Holley help for the first time.

Linda Deir is the world’s foremost authority and teacher on the correct use of the talking board when communicating with your “Spirit Guide Angels.“ 

These attendees have been trying to recontact with their spirit guides and angels. Rather than relying on random hit and miss contact, they all want the ability to communicate with “them” on command. That is exactly what they experienced with us in this video.

“Your event was the best I ever attended. My Spirit Guides message identified right where I have been stuck. All of you, Linda and Ray the entire group were so supportive, allowing me the time I needed to know what to do right now.” Ask The Universal Channel works , Kat

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