Crossroads – It’s not about getting a new job . . . It’s about getting a new Life!

Securing a new job is a stressful process, especially when you are an “experienced” executive.  

You’re over 40 or 50 and wondering exactly what your options are at this point in your life.   You may have gotten a comfortable severance package and think you have plenty of time to search for a new position; or you may need to find a job quickly before you exhaust your resources. Either way, there is the challenging process of re-employment and the emotional impact of unemployment.

Everyone’s situation is different and requires an approach that maximizes the effectiveness of the career move while minimizing the stress and amount of time out of work. Many people have never been fired, laid-off, downsized, right-sized, or whatever phrase they used for getting rid of you  The result was the same  You saw yourself moving up in the company, not out.   The company is still in business but you no longer work there.   They did something that interrupted your career, your family, and your life.   Even if you “saw it coming” once it happened, the shock set in.

The emotion of shock or disbelief may have lasted just a few days, or it may still be affecting everything you do.  

The shock can turn into a feeling of inadequacy, making you start to doubt your ability which affects your confidence…”Why did they let me go?” “What am I going to do now?” “I’ve never had to look for a job!” “I’m too old to change.”  A million thoughts race through your mind. You can’t sleep at night because you’re thinking how will you provide for your family, make the mortgage payment, the car payments, pay college tuition, and pay for all the other monthly bills? “Why would they do this to me?”  

From the unique work my wife and I do, we can tell you that nothing ever happens “to” you . . . everything happens “for” you. This may be difficult to accept when you are unemployed and all your assets are falling in value. Your home, cars, investments, 401k, and more are all declining in value, yet the bills keep coming, you are burning through your severance, and you are unemployed.   The stress of the situation can start to affect you and your family emotionally and physically.  

I have been an executive search specialist for 21 years. During that time, I have interviewed and counseled over 35,000 people. Although I was unable to secure a position for most of them, I always tried to help them in any way I could. Even if it was only providing them with someone to talk to about their situation, how it was affecting their life, and helping them get back on track. I understood how they felt. I had been in the same position myself with nobody to talk to. With no one to talk to, I went inside myself to have a conversation with my Guides. My Spirit Guide Angels had always been there when I faced the most challenging times of my life. They pointed out the direction I should take, regardless of what I asked, without judgment.  

Everyone has their own Spirit Guide Angels. They are there to share with you their knowledge and provide unbiased insight into your current situation.

Who are your “Spirit Guide Angels?” They are a collective intelligence who know and understand you better than anyone else. They are the catalyst for sending you the intuitive messages and knowledge that open you to higher intelligence.  

Now, before you think I’m getting all Sedona “woo-woo” on you, let me tell you a little bit about our career backgrounds that qualify us to provide unique services to individuals, groups, and corporations. First, my wife, Linda, the Founder of Channeled Readings, LLC.

–      Since the age of 17, Linda has worked for herself. Entirely self-taught, she has 37 years of experience as a licensed Architect, Home Builder, General Contractor, Real Estate Broker, Internet Entrepreneur, ISP Owner, and the Founder of Channeled Readings, LLC. She has received messages from her Spirit Guide Angels ever since childhood. They have guided her personal life and career even to the point of providing the exact time she should sell all her California home design and real estate businesses…3 months before the fatal real estate crash.   In Sedona, she became both a successful Real Estate Broker and Home Designer. In her spare time, she started the first ISP and hosting companies in Northern Arizona and ran them successfully for several years. Her Guides told her to sell both of them one year before the Internet bubble crashed. Since exiting the high-tech world, Linda has traveled the World to places her Spirit Guide Angels suggested, including trips to the mountains of Peru and Bolivia to meet with ancient Shamans and spiritual leaders. She founded and has managed Channeled Readings, LLC since 1989. Linda’s story 

–      Ray Holley is the Co-owner of Channeled Readings, LLC and the Ray Holley Group, LLC. In addition to another life as a professional musician, teacher and studio musician, Ray has a total of 38 years experience in Sales, as a Marketing Consultant to over 250 high-tech companies, a senior-level Marketing Executive at two F-100 corporations, and has spent 21 years in Executive Search. From his teenage years, Ray realized he had a deep spiritual connection and intuitive ability. Ray’s story

Losing your job is one of the most stressful situations you can be thrust into.   Notice I said, “thrust into.” You would rarely just quit your job and then only if you had something better lined up to take its place. But this is not the reality in most cases. In most cases, the job loss causes an entire range of emotions to take place…shock, denial, fear/anxiety, anger, the bargaining stage, and then depression before you ever get to acceptance of the situation. While all this is happening, the financial stress and the attachment to the old job/old ways are the two elements that weigh on you the most. If you reach the acceptance stage, it’s then when you may realize you have other options besides just another job.

A Career Transition Coaching is a personal, private intuitive channeled session designed to . . .

–      Introduce you to your Spirit Guide Angels and develop a dialog with these Master Teachers

–      Create a pathway that allows you to transition away from your attachments to the old job/old habits/old thinking

–      Address the range of emotions attached to losing your job

–      Bring clarity to your alternative choices

–      Create an environment where you ask your Spirit Guide Angels direct questions about your present and future

–      Allow you to move forward in life without fear and anxiety

–      Bring you closer to your purpose for being here

–      Shorten the time period of your transition and lessen the toll on you and your family

“I was devastated when I got laid off since I never had to look for a job before. Although everyone offered words of encouragement to me, I was depressed. The emotional stress was beginning to take its toll when I received your email offering a Career Transition Coaching. I’m an Engineering Manager and a skeptic on things that can’t be explained without logical justification. “They” (my Spirit Guide Angels) came through with such clarity that I was shocked. There is no way the two of you could have known all those things about me they addressed. I learned more about myself in an hour than I’ve learned my entire life. Although I do not have a new position yet, I am pursuing the options presented to me in my coaching and feel sure that I will secure not just a job, but a position with a purpose.”

– Warren H., Director, Product Engineering

“After 15 years with the same company as VP of Sales, I found myself out of a job. I’ve been employed since graduating from college and the thought of making a career move in my 50’s terrified me. I tried the traditional ways of looking for a position…networking, contacting headhunters, calling companies directly, etc. and received the same feedback. . . “We’re laying people off, not hiring” . . . “Good luck!” . . . “You’re ‘too seasoned’ to be considered.” After almost 8 months of being unemployed, a friend referred your services to me. Had I known the information eight months ago that I received during my coaching, I could have saved a lot of time and stress. Thank you for providing an experience that was both wonderful and enlightening. Nobody has ever been that candid and direct in their evaluation of me.   I took “Their” advice and started my own consulting practice and I have my first client already! I now know that my “Guides” are my personal consultants that I can call on at any time. You changed my life.”

– John R., Entrepreneur at 53

Our goal is to put you in touch with the best career counselors there are, your Spirt Guides and Angels. Once you make this connection you will understand who you are, so you can become more of what you are.

If you feel we can help you transition, contact us.

Ray Holley & Linda Deir, Managers

Channeled Readings, LLC