Linda Deir, founder of the Channeled Readings, LLC project, which has been in existence since 2001, but the project (before it had the trademark name; Channeled Readings®) started in 1989. This project found me in December 1988 when I was invited to dinner at the home of my dream teacher at that time.

I did not realize that she, the dream teacher, was into channeling. It turned out that she only invited me over to put me in contact with my Spirit Guide Angels because her Guides told her that if she didn’t they would no longer come through for her. This turned out to be a very powerful channeling session – one that took everyone by surprise.

This is how it all began. From this first channeling session, it turned out that my Spirit Guide Angels had a great deal in mind for me to do.

Why me? I am still pondering this myself. I guess it has in part to do with their ability to reach me in dreams, while utilizing my architectural and graphic design talents, along with a life of entrepreneurial businesses that I have launched. They acknowledged my business acumen, discipline, and passion in all that I set my sights upon.

This project is the most rewarding of them all. Helping people understand themselves while taking the fear and anxiety out of the picture. From this point of view, a person can finally get clarity of mind which is the fertile ground to make better decisions. That’s what this project provides and that’s why I do it.