As a Sedona resident for 20 years and by the nature of what we do at Channeled Readings, LLC, we will comment about the Angel Valley Death’s Retreat incident.

Like Bernie Madoff and his followers, this is similar. Greed has many currencies; money, love, spiritual mastery, power, and the list goes on.

These James Arthur Ray followers paid their $9,000+ to attend this one-week spiritual retreat. Many of these people attended previous events that James Arthur Ray put on and kept coming back for more intense experiences. They wanted their money’s worth. If they were really getting something out of these retreats don’t you think that their intuition would have warned them that something was wrong? That if this was working it would have, so why did they keep returning? The clues were always right there.

These people need to take responsibility for their part in this unfortunate outcome.

Greed is greed … there are no shortcuts.  When it comes to spiritual advancement no one gets to go to the front of the line just because they have more money than the next guy.

Our society has this ‘cheating’ mentality. People have overrated the advantage they have over others because of their economic power. Money could actually be a deterrent to your spiritual development because it can keep you from ever getting real with yourself. For many people, their money serves as a distraction and not helpful in discovering themselves at all. Then, there’s those who can have both because the money doesn’t define them as a person.

When it comes to ‘you’ and your mastery, why would anyone want to settle for a shortcut? Think about it – this is YOU we’re talking about! Take all the time you need to find out who ‘you’ really are and what you are capable of. You are the only one that is like ‘you’ so don’t worry about how fast you can get it. Do it with passion and the patience will be there. ~ Linda Deir