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What is the news you ask? It’s not news at all. If it was it would be the News Before It Happens which is our slogan for the Channeled Readings, LLC, CR News Reports. You ‘ve seen this phrase on our website in various places. But how can you know what the news is before it ever occurs? More important, how can you believe that what you hear on the syndicated news media is actually what really happened? Could it be that all the news broadcasts report the same stories after they have been filtered, spun, edited, and slanted to reflect the corporate-controlled viewpoint that the government wants you to believe? After all, the news media are all huge corporations pressured by the government to report news the way they want us to hear it. How do I know this?

Try this experiment. Listen to foreign newscasts like the BBC, newscasts from the European Union, South America, Australia, the Middle East, etc. They report many of the same stories, yet their stories have a much different tone, intent, and point. How can it be that all these news stations are talking about the same incident, yet when you listen to the newscast, you come away with a different meaning for the same event? Whos lying? Most of the time, none of them is lying. They are just reporting the news the way their government or special interest groups want them to. All you have to do is get on the Internet and read foreign newspapers from around the world and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Read the headline stories under the World News section. The same stories are reported, but each one is slanted to reflect their governments point of view, usually revolving around who’s their current friend or enemy. Many news stories also reflect the religious views and biases of the country’s people in general and the mindset influence that religion has on the ruling party specifically.

For example, in America, the news is heavily influenced by the Evangelical movement, which in turn coerces politicians to vote and act certain ways and people to develop certain biases and prejudices. In Muslim countries, there is a different type of religious fanaticism that influences the reporting of the news. Either way, there is the danger in letting religion and big corporations guide what is reported and how it is presented.

There needs to be a news source that is unfiltered. That’s where the CR News Reports providing the News Before It Happens comes in. The Intuitive Psychic Mediums of Channeled Readings, LLC bring through the unfiltered news predictions from their Higher Intelligence Source on a variety of topics of general interest. The topics are selected and arranged not unlike a newspaper with different sectionsWorld Events, Politics, Terrorism, Global Economy, Weather and Earth Changes, the Stock Market, Technology, Crime, Higher Intelligence and Intuition, Personal Development, and others.

You can read these CR News Reports from cover to cover, or select your own favorite sections. The Intuitive Psychic Mediums never know what Higher Intelligence will say or how “they” will say it. The sessions are all recorded and archived. Based on the selected topic, they will comment on exactly what they see as most important for the reader to hear at that particular point in time. “They” are general when “they” have to be and very specific when direct guidance is imperative.

The Intuitive Psychic Mediums act as an antenna to receive these signals from this “Collective Higher Intelligence” of the Universe that they channel. Higher Intelligence employs and brings through the necessary expert son each topic. It’s like having the best team of consultants you could imagine. And they’re not just guessing at things. Over the years, they have identified changes in weather patterns and where and when they will occur; specifically pointing out where a missing body could be found; predicted a 4% drop in the Russell 2000 index on the exact day it happened (3.9%) for our trader clients; and on four separate occasions, warned of car bombs being found in London (Piccadilly area) and the types of people that would be responsible. Where else can you find this type of information at any time much less before it happens? CR Greatest Hits.s receiving unfiltered, unbiased future news predictions every month important to you? Could it affect the way you live, travel, your relationships, or how you view the world? Or, would you rather find out about it after the fact when you hear it on TV or read it in the newspaper when all you can do is react? What positive changes could occur in your life knowing things in advance? Take control of your news! Stop being manipulated by only hearing and reading what other people want you to see and hear. Open up a new channel … the Universal Channel and see how your life takes a new path.


When people hear the word Medium they many times associate it with the TV show of the same name. A woman who sees and gets messages from dead people to help solve crimes.

To others, a picture of a person conducting a seance in a darkened room comes to mind conjuring up spirits of the dead who have passed over and apparently forgot to tell us some important things while they were here. Some people think of mediums as people who go into a trance and start shaking and talking in a strange voice, usually with a foreign accent. They talk about people and places that are long past, like Atlantis or Cleopatra. Some mediums actually see spirits (Clairvoyance), hear spirits (Clairaudience), or just sense the presence and thoughts of the spirit (Clairsentience). Other mediums use a variety of methods to channel information from the beyond. What they all have in common is that they receive information from outside this plane of consciousness through some method or discipline.

Let’s look at the word, Medium. Literally, it means in the middle like small, medium, and large. Mediums are truly in the middle. Positioned between the Universal Consciousness and the vibratory levels of the receiver here on earth, mediums are the antenna or conduit through which communication from those on the other side and others you are connected to come through. It is not fortune telling, nor should the mediums own interpretation of the information coming through distort or slant the actual message. The message is the message. When mediums inject their own interpretation into the message, they are introducing a personal bias, distorting the purity of the intended communication being relayed. A good analogy would be a pipeline that delivered pure, fresh water and, at the point where the water comes out, someone hooked up a filter or system that flavored the water so it would taste like they wanted it to. A medium who injects personal biases into a reading or leads the person receiving the reading through suggestion or leading comments is a charlatan manufacturing a spiritual connection that isn’t there. There are mediums that do this because they know that the subject is desperately seeking something and wants to believe.

What Is An Intuitive Psychic Medium?

1. Intuitive Channeling– they channel answers for you about your present and past so you understand who you are, why you are here and your purpose now.
2. Psychics they predict the future.
3. Mediums they put you in contact with those who have crossed-over and others you have a connection to beyond the astral realm.



When the Intuitive Psychic Mediums at Channeled Readings, LLC, Ray Holley and Linda Deir, asked their Source Connected Guides what they call what it is that they do, they responded, We provide a Universal Insight and Information Service, we call it Truth.”

There is no single definition of truth upon which any majority of people can agree. There are theories of truth that contain various definitions of truth that continue to be debated. Also, what constitutes truth? Does your current and acquired knowledge have a role in what you define and identify as truth? Is truth subjective, relative, objective, or absolute? Throughout history, there have been various claims and perspectives on what truth is. There are as many theories about truth as there are philosophers who proposed them. In addition, religions staked their claim as to what the truth was, many times conflicting with emerging bodies of scientific truth. Galileo was labeled a heretic in his day for proposing that the earth revolved around the sun while the Vatican believed in the greater truth that the earth was the center of the Universe. These same conflicts exist to this day between science and religion; between the creationists and the Darwinists, for example. A common dictionary definition of truth is an agreement with fact or reality.

What constitutes the “truth” generally seems to be influenced by where you grew up or live, what religion you belong to, what nationality you are, your level of education, the things that happened to you in your life that created biases, how old you are, and many other things beyond your control. Interestingly enough, the same things that people cite as influencing their truth can be said to be responsible for establishing their prejudices and slanting their relationship with reality.

It seems that the truth can take many shapes and forms depending on your interpretation. Gandhi dedicated his life to discovering truth by learning from his own mistakes. He stated that the most important battle to fight was in overcoming your own demons, fears, and insecurities. At first, he summarized his beliefs by saying, God is Truth. He later changed this statement to Truth is God. Other philosophers saw the truth as half-truths that lead people to false conclusions about their life and purpose on this earth. Others believe that there is no such thing as an absolute truth.

It’s no wonder that, with all these different theories of truth, people are so confused and lost on their Journey here. As humans on this earth, are we even capable of being clear enough to receive and identify the truth? Or, is it our mission here to train ourselves, learn from our mistakes, and grow in knowledge and clarity so we can refine our perception of truth as we grow older?

The Intuitive Psychic Mediums of Channeled Readings, LLC believe that truth is devoid of manipulation in its attempt to control others and strives to come through in a clear and pure manner. That is why Higher Intelligence chose to communicate truth, as Universal Insight and Information by using the Channeled Readings, LLC Intuitive Psychic Mediums as their portal. What you do with the channeled information you receive is up to you. You can act on it or not. It can be used for change in your life or it can be ignored and have no effect at all. You can believe it, based upon where your concept of truth has evolved thus far, or you can choose not to. But remember, just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it’s not true. Truth and peoples search for the Truth throughout infinite time will continue to be a journey that is both long and controversial. Get a second opinion from those clearer than yourself. Get in touch with your personal Spirit Guides and Angels from the other side through Channeled Readings, LLC and Ask the Universal Channel® to see how your definition of the Truth evolves.


STOCK TRADING USING Their INFORMATION The only thing better than insider information is outsider information! By this, I mean trading stocks on predictions that we channel from our outside source. our Higher Intelligence Source. The Stock Market is a regularly covered topic in our CR News Reports. Many of our subscribers are experienced investors and traders. They use our stock Insider Information channeled from our Higher Intelligence Source as one of their primary information sources. Using these predictions, it makes it easier for them to direct their investment activity relative to both long-term holds and short-term position trades.

One of our investor subscribers from Ohio regularly trades the Russell 2000 index. In February of 2007, he asked his Spirit Guides and Angels during a private channeling session what the Russell Index would do during the coming week. They responded that the Index would drop 4% that week. When pressed to identify the day it would drop, they responded Tuesday. Now understand that the Russell 2000 Index hasn’t had a 4% drop in one day in almost 6 years. That Tuesday (Feb 27, 2007) the Russell dropped 3.9% in one day! Needless to say, that subscriber was impressed with the accuracy of the information that came through and now charts each channeled recommendation he receives regarding his portfolio. He estimates that he makes money on approximately 70% of the trades he enters following their advice. His portfolio is up over 40% year-to-date.

Being a day-trader myself for 8 years of my life, I had subscribed to and studied many of the stock picking services and newsletters out there. I’ve spent a fortune on advice and information that was little more than guesswork. I found most services and newsletters to be accurate only about 30% of the time or less. Adding to the frustration, the authors of these newsletters seemed to have long periods where they ran hot or cold. The consistency in anything they produced was lacking. In the beginning, when I learned to channel using the Ask the Universal Channel® talking board, I acquired a real fascination for the information that was coming through during our CR News Reports sessions concerning the stock market. The accuracy was many times uncanny. I charted and studied the information at first and many times did not see a pattern emerging or a reason to buy that recommendation, so I passed on their advice. Sure enough, the stock did exactly what they said it would do in most cases. Learning to believe and trust in my financial advisers from the other side saves me a great deal of time that I used to spend researching for hours and second guessing myself before I took a position in a stock. I just trust in them to deliver clear communication. Now, my own personal hits on trades where I make money are now close to 80%. So you see that channeled information has many applications outside traditional realms.

The Intuitive Psychic Mediums of Channeled Readings, LLC channel outsider information on a variety of topics and subject matter. Not to be confused with fortune telling or guessing, direct and accurate information comes through applicable to many different aspects of your life. Whether it relates to what’s happening in our world that affects our lives, warnings to be heeded or what you should or shouldn’t do with your investment portfolio, this Higher Intelligence Source is more often than not more reliable than any traditional perspective you could get from mainstream news sources. Members tell us all the time that they never thought about the concept, What Is The News? until they started getting the CR News Reports.