Do not watch this video while driving or operating equipment

Using My Guided Journey© to write down communication between you and your Guides is essential to reaching a full understanding and implimentation of the guidance you will be recieving from them

This Guided Meditation for relaxation is helpful to watch prior to: Learning To Channel messages from your Spirit Guides and Angels and before bedtime.

  • LEARNING TO CHANNEL your “Spirit Guides and Angels – prior to entering into a channeling session with your Spirit Guides and Angels watch this meditation video with intention. It’s your “intention” that’s important when you ask your Spirit Guides and Angels for help with something. Never enter into a channeling session when you are upset and desperate for answers. Each time you enter into a session you need to be mindful of exactly what it is you want to achieve in your session. Start out by watching this video and imagine having a smooth communication connection with your Spirit Guides and Angels. Imagine the words they are spelling out on the talking board having few, or no disruptions in the spelling of their messages. Remember it is you who disrupts this communication flow, not them.
  • Watch this video before you go to sleep at night. After watching this video, write down a single question you want to ask your Guides in your journal. Place it next to your bed right before you go to sleep. This will open a door to your Spirit Guides and Angels. It gives them permission from you to come through and provide superior guidance and life coach training night after night. They will even provide help in ways you never realized you needed it. Your Spirit Guides and Angels will not disappoint you. They will see and feel your determination to reach them in your effort to improve and expand yourself. They have always been here for you – the difference now is that you realize it and are actively invite them in.