Ray Holley and Linda Deir

The world’s foremost authorities and teachers on the correct use of the talking board when communicating with your “Spirit Guide Angels

VIDEO (8:58 minutes)

This Video explains who “Higher Intelligence” is and who your “Spirit Guide Angels” are.



We channel this “Higher Intelligence Source” when we are working on a project, or have a specific issue or concern. One example is, Higher Intelligence always came through when we channeled The CR News Reports©.

When channeling information for individuals or groups, many times our Higher Intelligence Source will communicate the channeled messages. These “specialists” are a collective of energy who determine, within “their” collective energy group, who will speak on a specific subject or answer a question. “They” are the authority. We are just the antenna who brings through “their” insights into this world.


Your Spirit Guide Angels are connected specifically to you and not a group or project.

Your “Spirit Guide Angels” know you better than you know yourself. They are your our Eternal Friends and Guides.
Once you experience this rapport with your “them” you become more open and able to take action on their guidance. Without the action on your part, their guidance will be nothing more than entertainment in your life and have no effect at all.

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