Ray Holley and Linda Deir, the Intuitive Team for the Channeled Readings, LLC project

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4-Week GUIDED e-Mail Course  Learn To Channel Like A Pro is a 4-week email course that your Spirit Guide Angels, you and your partner, will develop your channeling skills.

In this video, you will learn about channeling using the talking board. You will see the reason why people have been confused about this, how it really works, the reason why Ask The Universal Channel®  talking board was developed, several presentations of its use, how you can get one for yourself, and help on how to use it properly. You will be learning how to channel your own Spirit Guide Angels. Best of all you will be learning all of this from the world’s foremost authorities and teachers on the correct use of the talking board, Ray Holley and Linda Deir.

Now,  let’s take a look at your own encounters using this talking board, the history of the talking board and Channeled Readings…

As a child, did you ever play with a Ouija board with your close friends? What kind of information came through? Did you bring it out on a scary evening and try to communicate with deceased people? Soon after playing with it, you probably put it back in the drawer until another sleepover get together?

Well, we’re here to tell you that talking boards have been around for thousands of years, long before Ouija became a brand name and considered a game. You can read about the History of the Talking Board.

From 1989, we at Channeled Readings have mastered the use of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board to communicate with our Spirit Guide Angels.

Why use a talking board to speak with your Spirit Guide Angels?…

This form of communication does not rely on your interpretation of your Spirit Guide Angels messages. They spell everything out to you exactly as they intend for you to receive them. They can help you with business guidance, upcoming financial and political conditions, relationships, personal growth …the list is endless. Nowhere else can you get this type of information, free of personal bias or manipulation. and your guides are always available to speak with you. For these reasons this communication device has been deemed taboo and had many superstitions associated with it. That’s because no one wants you to possess this much power over your life.

Here’s the reason why this hasn’t been achievable before now…

The problem is that, up until now, there hasn’t been any reliable training available to enable you to speak directly with your own Spirit Guide Angels. By association, your Guides help you make better life choices by becoming a superior thinker in your everyday life. And YES… you do have Spirit Guide Angels. They understand you better than anyone ever will. They see it all, especially when it comes to you. These source connected guides are your mentors and have been waiting for you to connect with them to give you the biggest free gift you’ll ever receive in your life. . . the gift of their guidance, truth, wisdom and a clear path going forward. All you need to do is make and keep that connection to them.

Using Ask The Universal Channel® talking board to consult your Spirit Guide Angels

This talking board was initially developed in 1989 through Linda’s very first channeling experience with her Spirit Guide Angels using a talking board. Her Spirit Guide Angels sought Linda out to develop a completely new talking board which didn’t trigger fear and caution that other talking boards do. Her Spirit Guide Angels said that they needed this new talking board as a way to reach people on a higher level, as their lives would become more challenging in the years to come. In Linda’s dreams, she co-created this particular talking board with her Spirit Guide Angels to the precise design and specifications they wanted. You can get the entire story by going to “The Story of Ask The Universal Channel®.

Never in our twenty plus years using this talking board device has any kind of undesirable spirit or bad energy ever appear during our own channeling sessions. The fact is, that the more knowledgeable you become about the actual possibilities of getting in touch with your own Spirit Guides and Angels, and experiencing intelligent interaction with them, the more their guidance will be available to you all of the time.

Get your own answers whenever you need them. Once you experience this you will never again be yearning for a solution, confused about what to do next, or caught off guard by events yet to come.

You become like those you associate with and the same is true with this ongoing relationship with your Spirit Guide Angels. Simply put – you will start thinking clearer, feeling calm and centered and make better decisions in all areas of your life, even when everything in the world is in chaos.

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Ask The Universal Channel® talking board is available in three options: The Online, Printable, and Official versions

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