Photograph Linda captured of her Spirit Guide Angel on the front cover of her book, GUIDEDDebbie’s CHANNELING

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Debbie’s channeling is presented as it happened without rehearsal or steering. Just like all channelings, Debbie was instructed to prepare her question’s prior to her session.

This was the channeling format:

1. Her Spirit Guides and Angels opening message

2. Asked her questions, one at a time, then her Spirit Guides and Angels answered each one

3. Her Spirit Guides and Angels closing message


Click Here I am honored to announce that my autobiography, GUIDED, has been selected as WINNER of the first annual Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards, recognizing the best books on the topics of mind, body, and spirit internationally. The award cites excellence in design, story, and overall professionalism in the presentation of writing and narration.

Linda’s flagship book, Guided:GUIDED, by Linda Deir

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Meeting the Real YOU

My Guided Journey

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Inside GUIDED…”Life will get better for you as you get older if you can make it through childhood.” One of her first memories, this was a prophecy from Linda’s spirit guide angels, which was both a warning and a promise. It would turn out to be chillingly true.