We went to see 2012 The Movie last night so we could communicate our perspective to our readership.

By the nature of what we do professionally … here’s our feedback about 2012 The Movie:

* End of the world “2012 marks the end of the world as we know it,”  not the end of the world literally.

* 12.21.2012 is a deadline. This deadline marks a time when old behaviors will finally come to a majority end. The pain will have gone on too long and people will finally be convinced that their old patterns are only hurting them and those around them.

* The massive destruction of cities and lives marks a total breakdown of the old structures and ways of thinking and doing things.

* John Cusack portrays a person who is lost in a pre-2012 world and empowered in a post-2012 world. Values will no longer be based on your bank account but based on your deeds.

* We are still living, acting and thinking in a pre-2012 world. Anyone who seems lost or crazy right now, like John Cusack or Woody Harrelson, represent people who consider themselves “normal” need to rethink what normal is. You may ask yourself, “what am I missing?”

* There is no place to run ““ everything and everyone are in this together. It’s about paying attention, stopping the self-centeredness, learning to love and help one another, and be part of the solution before it becomes urgent.

* The constant cracking of the earth throughout the movie suggest the breakdown of any stability in our lives. This has been happening for many years now with the breakdown of the global economy. In addition to finances, this is also showing up in our relationships, the need for purpose in our work, and what is important in every small and large way.

* Holding on to your past possessions and behaviors is not a choice. If it is a struggle and makes you act out in the old ways then it is not sustainable. Let it go (empty the cup) so you make room for the natural flow of things. Once you willingly do this it will not be long before you see “the new” flow in. This “new” will be the result of trusting, a freedom from the previous pain and suffering of holding onto unsustainable patterns.

Conclusion: These are all symbolic messages describing the urgent need to shift our priorities and values. A need to let go of everything in order to begin to get it right.

Even Mother Nature has had her, ‘I’ve had it day’ with all the abuse and imbalances. Ultimately it will be Mother Nature who forces these changes. Most of mankind will get pushed through the door, rather than willingly walk-though. Getting pushed happens when it’s too late. Willingly walking through those doors happens long before the urgency and those that willingly walk through are part of the solution when everything falls apart. Those of you that walked though willingly years ago have been ridiculed as being a weirdo, a kook, a freak, or even being negative. Maybe this lonely journey has at times made you feel like ‘they’ the ‘normal people’ were right all along. But this movie hasn’t played out yet!

To some, this 2012The Movie will seem a perfect interpretation by the time 12.21.2012 is here. There will be those who never thought that this type of change could happen in their lifetime. To others, 2012 The Movie, will be a host of symbolic descriptions of how different this world and world behavior will be long after 12.21.2012.