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Psychic Readings on Future NEWS Events

CR News Reports© - psychic readings on future news events

14 Monthly TOPICS:

World Events   Terrorism    Global Economy   Global Weather & Earth Changes  Politics   Stock Market   Commodities & Currencies   Real Estate   Technology    Higher Intelligence & Intuition   The Environment   Sports & Wellness    Crime   Personal Development & Improvement

CR News Reports© - psychic readings on future news events

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Like the reputed seer from the 16th Century, Nostradamus who predicted future events, Channeled Readings, LLC – CR News Reports© predicts Survival News Predictions on Future News Events monthly on fourteen topics; Days, Weeks, Months, Years in advance.

CR News Reports© - psychic readings on future news events

These predictions happened - CR Greatest Hits©

How would your life be today if you knew these FUTURE EVENTS WHERE GOING TO HAPPEN?:

Become A Valued Expert … Of clear decision-making. Be the person your friends and family and business associates value for your clear and timely insights … CR News Reports©


  • SPORTS: Predicted the most spectacular  2008 summer Olympics winners and losers 1 month before the games
  • WORLD EVENTS: President Musharraf will leave office 8 months before he was forced to resigned
  • WEATHER: Snow in Texas and colder winter than usual 1 month before it happened
  • TECHNOLOGY: We predicted 2 years earlier Global positioning in your phone will find you anywhere
  • POLITICS: Our Our next President like him or not 1 month before elections



CR News Reports©
All predictions are notarized for content and date

Get a clear direction in your life - CR News Reports©

CR News Reports© - psychic readings on future news events

By reading the future predictions in the CR News Reports© you will be able to anticipate how the global economy and its politics will affect you, develop better timing and positioning, gain a better understand of your emotions and apply intuition, foresee technology advances, sound health and wellness choices, assist with better job and business opportunities, understand the future of crime and the real meaning of sports, and prepare for weather and earth changes, changes in the environment, relationships, finances and your future.

Many skeptics now see that these future predictions really do come true that we channel directly from our Higher Intelligence SourceCR News Reports© MEMBERS already know this.

“Be Prepared … Not Scared”

Powerful Business Leaders
always had access to
Inside Information

Successful professional leaders like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch and the king of Inside Information … The CR News Reports© MEMBERS (since 1989), have always had the leading edge over all others and everyone knows it.

It’s time for you to level the playing field and get your own Inside Information even before those powerful privileged few find out. Most of them still don’t know about this.

Get the leading edge and take control of YOUR life by getting YOUR piece of the Secret Inside Information pie. HOT OFF THE PRESS and straight from Higher Intelligence – you receive each one of these CR News Reports© within 24 hours from the time that we get it the first time.

The Future News Predictions in the CR News Reports© will prove to be the most valuable information source that you receive. There is nothing else like it and no where else to get it. Finally, timely news that you can use without spin or bias.

In fact, many CR News Reports© MEMBERS tell us that they often feel guilty for having such great foresight, making it easier to navigate their lives. They observe those around them worried and stressed out … totally clueless about what is going to happen next and powerless in how to deal with it, let alone prepare and prosper by it.

“News that wakes up the world,
not just news you wake up to”

Self Help Leaders
seek out the TRUTH though
Secret Information

Skillful people with a powerful message … Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Stephen Covey and Eckhart Tolle provide many ways to enrich your life. Their wisdom is achieved from having more questions than answers and seeking out the truth in its pure form.

Our Higher Intelligence Source provides this pure truth as it relates to the current issues in your life. In other words, you get their clear and objective perspective on what is really happening in the world as it is … right now without bias.

In addition to their predictions they help you by providing insights and guidance on the best and highest possible ways to navigate through it … right now – to come to a better place than you used to be.

They never lose sight of who you are and why you are here even when you do. This is not a religion or a replacement for your personal beliefs, it offers a better understanding of those beliefs.

The connection that we have to this Higher Intelligence Source has been coming through to us since 1989. It is through their timely advice and remarkable insights that we personally benefit each and every time we channel a CR News Reports© topic for our MEMBERS.

Because of the moment-to-moment guidance that they provide in the CR News Reports© our MEMBERS are able to see things objectively and act responsibly. It’s not even hard to let go of the old ways when the alternative they offer makes so much sense.

There is a quote, You can’t solve the problems with the same thinking that created them … Albert Einstein. This sums it up… The predictions that our Higher Intelligence Source provides includes their problem solving solutions and crystal clear insights that many times would have never occurred to you and just when you needed it.

In addition to their business savvy predictions they also cover two topics specifically related to this type of personal self help. However, they also constantly raise awareness in all of the CR News Reports© topics as their focus is on helping you expand your thinking so you can make better decisions and create a better world for all.

“Once you understand who you are,
you can become more of what you are”


You know when you are starting to get it when your day-to-day thinking starts to clear up. You are making better decisions without stressing and guessing with the consistent support you get from the CR News Reports©.

Step-by-step you are feeling more in control, seeing things for what they really are, becoming more confident and projecting a centered and calm presence. This is having it all … Financial success, loving relationships, personal happiness and peace of mind.

The CR News Reports© provides the foundation for your clear decision-making putting your life back on track and keep you there.

Get your News Before It Happens
CR News Reports© - psychic readings on future news events