Linda's Spirit Guide Angel on Book Cover GUIDED

4-Week GUIDED e-Mail Course
Learn to channel your “Spirit Guides

Learning with the speller (planchette), and with your pendulum, with or without a partner


REAL insights…from REAL spirit guide angels…  CLICK  TO  MEET  ”THEM”

Ray Holley and Linda Deir are the world’s foremost authorities and teachers on the correct use of the talking board when contacting your “Spirit Guides

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This 4-Week GUIDED e-Mail Course will teach you to:

1. Detect when your Spirit Guides are sending you messages. and/or
2. Channel your Spirit Guides to speak with them directly

This is an interactive 2-way communication between you and your “Spirit Guides

Learning with the speller (planchette), and with your pendulum – with or without a partner.

Here’s the OUTLINE of what you get:

These lessons are non-denominational

CR Quick Lesson© #1 Lesson Outline

  • Talking Board Historical Facts
  • Who are “Those on the Other Side, and your Spirit Guides?
  • How To Channel
  • Ask The Universal Channel® based on the principles of dowsing
  • Interview with Linda & Ray about this talking board universal communication device
  • VIDEO DEMO using the talking board; 1. With or without a partner, 2. With the speller, or pendulum, or both

CR Quick Lesson© #2 Lesson Outline

  • Audio samples of what our “Spirit Guides” tell us
  • See channeled predictions from “our higher source” that came true
  • Questions we get asked the about channeling Spirit Guides and others
  • Our most current predictions

CR Quick Lesson© #3 Lesson Outline

  • What to expect if you attend one of our Advanced Workshops, Channel your “Spirit Guides
  • Ray’s Articles on Intuitive Psychic Mediums and the applications of the channeled information
  • Practice on your own and/or with a partner
  • Get Ray’s Free Intuitive Investing Report©

CR Quick Lesson© #4 Lesson Outline

  • Practice on your own and/or with a friend
  • Guidance on how to compose well thought-out questions to ask “your Spirit Guides
  • Compare and review the channeled information that you have been compiling

CR Quick Lesson© #5 Lesson Outline

  • Channel quality information with a friend…in-person, or over-the-phone
  • A 10-part video of a real channeled reading that will teach you the channeling process step-by-step
  • Practice on your own and/or with a partner

CR Quick Lesson© #6 Lesson Outline

  • Critical lesson review
  • About this technology
  • Practice on your own and/or with a partner
  • The story

CR Quick Lesson© #7 Lesson Outline

CR Quick Lesson© #8 Lesson Outline

  • Perfecting the quality of your the questions you are asking
  • Learning to ask better questions
  • Practice on your own and/or with a partner
  • Interesting Stories

CR Quick Lesson© #9 Lesson Outline

  • How to improve the quality of the messages you receive from “Your Spirit Guides
  • An archive of BLOGS to achieve deeper learning
  • Practice on your own and/or with a partner

Order Now $47


CR Quick LESSON© Courses are delivered to you from our GUIDED 4-Week e-mail course. You will progressively increase your expertise in learning to detect when your Spirit Guides are sending you messages, or learn to channel your Spirit Guides on command. KEEP ALL OF THESE GUIDED EMAIL LESSONS TO REFER BACK TO until you have mastered this powerful communication with your Spirit Guides. You will be learning to channel like a pro, from the pros!

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