Navigating The Great Shift - Answers From A Higher Source

Life Coach Training from your Spirit Guides... more than a Reading

Life Coach Training from your Spirit Guides…  more than a Reading

In a channeled reading your Spirit Guides not only answer your questions (the reading part), they show you what you have been missing (the coaching part). Many times you will be surprised by what they convey to you. This is why you will want to replay the recording of your reading time-and-time again until you actually “get it”… get what your Guides conveyed to you in the reading that you have been missing. This is the “Life Coach Training” part of your reading that your Spirit Guides include every time you have a reading with us. They are the most qualified to be your life coaches because they know you better than anyone else.

They have no agenda. They are YOUR biggest fans – your “guardian angels.” No one has, or will ever be as committed to you as they are – no one! The only thing you may need to consider is if you are ready for the truth because that is the only way your Spirit Guides work. They know why you are here in this lifetime and they are relentless about seeing that you achieve what you came here to accomplish. However, you always have free-will to listen, or not. They never interfere with your free-will because it’s your life, not theirs no matter what your choices are.

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What does “Navigating The Great Shift” mean and how does it apply to you?

It means that there is no one who can avoid these massive changes. Making the shift is not a choice, it’s a requirement of every living person.

Many of you know that your life is no longer working like it used to no matter what you do. Others are trying to make changes to improve their life, but keep struggling or failing. This is because you are trying to make decisions from past information and experiences. You are doing this because you have no other information to figure this out on your own. Now, you realize that your situation is urgent and can’t be put off any longer. To make decisions that produce meaningful results, not more struggle and failure requires new thinking based on what is, not what used to be. Hence a great shift in you.

We, the intuitive psychic mediums, provide our clients, members and event attendees with a look forward that has a dramatic impact on their lives as a group, or individual clients. No one in the world provides a total picture of your life like your Spirit Guides will.

Here’s how you make your shift

To fully achieve this “shift” many of you will be making massive 180 degree shifts from where you are right now.

Your reading/life coach training with your Spirit Guides is very specific to you. Now, you ask, “What do I need to do to accomplish this?” That’s where we come in. Through decades of communication with this higher source on a daily basis we are skilled at contacting them, whether they are your Spirit Guides, or others who are best qualified to help you with what you need at this particular time in your life.

They bring through clarity about your situation that can be found nowhere else, along with practical ways to make the shifts specific to your life. There are no generic answers. What’s right for you won’t be the best option for someone else. Stop expecting to be right with the wrong information. Get help. This higher source, together with your Spirit Guides are here to help you when you’re ready.

Navigating your future starts here

  • Readings… LIFE CHANGE private channeled reading provides answers to your questions, along with insights and direction (life coach training). You get the answers when you need them directly from your “Spirit Guides.”
  • Events… Host an event for your business, group or party where a higher source comes through to help you and your group navigate these challenging times. Host “the event of the year”… an event that your guests will thank you for giving them this gift of insight.
  • Learn To Channel… Finally, you too can learn to channel your Spirit Guides just like we do! This entire project is based on these same tools and methods. You will learn to channel from the world’s foremost authorities on the correct use of a talking board.
  • CR NEWS Reports©  membership… Future news events revealed! Now you can find out before the news happens – days, weeks, months, years in advanced! Not just predictions, but down-to-earth guidance on how to navigate these future events directly from our “Higher Intelligence Source” 14 times per month.

Our Vocation

At Channeled Readings, LLC we, the Intuitive Psychic Mediums, perform all readings and news predictions as a team. We have mastered all three of these vocations: In a single reading we are able to perform any one, or all of these skills…

  • Intuitive Channeling- answers about your present and past so you understand who you are, why you are here and your purpose now.
  • Psychics – predicting the future.
  • Mediums – we put you in contact with those who have crossed-over and others you have a connection to beyond the astral realm.
  • The Private Channeled Readings and Live Events that we do are direct communication between the client or group and their own “spirit guides”. We do not interpret their messages to you. Your Spirit Guides bring through their messages word-for-word, exactly as they intend for you to hear them.


A photograph of what a real “Spirit Guide” looks like that Linda caught on camera in 1994

Backup_of_Linda's Spirit Guide Angel 2014

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